I Need a space frame…

I’m looking to run a character that in concept is very similar to Rommie (Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda), but i can’t find rules or guidelines for Android characters, nor for the ship i would like to use… the ship concept i have is either a Sovereign class starship or an Einstein class starship… both heavily modified by Section 31. The character would basically be one of a twin pair of ships… one AI identifying as male (Ra), the other female (Nyx). Given Section 31’s general disregard for the rule of law in both the Federation and elsewhere, it stands to reason that they’d end up ignoring Starfleet’s ban on total AI integration into their ships (due to Control) and continue to develop this sort of tech, but using older ships that wouldn’t be missed… my problem is that i haven’t been able to find the space frame for the Einstein class anywhere and was wondering where to find it or if someone had the class home brewed and wouldn’t mind me utilizing it.

Thank you for your help.

EDIT: I just realized that I should have mentioned that the Einstein class is the name Star Trek Online gave to the class of ship the USS Kelvin from STAR TREK 2009… I apologize for any possible confusion…

Android rules are in the TNG crew pack. Also in the character builder.


Thank you for that. Still need to get that space frame though.

I was toying with drawing up a fanmade version of the Einstein class last summer but there’s a dispute as to how large the Einstein class starship is supposed to be since the Kelvin timeline movies radically upscaled the Federation starships from their original TOS sizes. The Enterprise herself got upjumped from 289 meters in TOS to 725(!) meters in the Kelvin timeline, so the same thing (very likely) happened with the Einstein as well. This dispute in size is what made me give up trying to stat the Einstein since I couldn’t reconcile it in my head.

That said, I can give it another whirl if you tell me which size you’d rather have: the 216 meter long (extrapolated TOS size version) of the Einstein or the 624 meter long version (Eaglemoss official version)? The first will be Scale 3 (or perhaps Scale 4 since it’s a Hermes with an extra secondary hull); the second will be Scale 6. Also, according to the lore I’ve found, the Einstein is a science cruiser, so I’ll design her Talents and other stats accordingly. Just let me know what you want.

Continuing Missions did an Einstein class scale 3 ship.

I’ll be damned. I totally forgot that CM had an Einstein write-up.

I have a few very minor quibbles with the stats in this particular write-up. For instance, I’d make Computers 7 instead of 6 (to make for a total of 42 System points rather than 41 since the Einstein was deployed in either 2195 or 2196 and according to Barbarossa’s starship creation rules, a starship deployed in 2195 would have 42 System points). I’d also probably change the Advanced Shields and Improved Warp Drive Talents to Backup EPS Conduits and Extensive Shuttlebays (the Kelvin did seem to carry alot of shuttles in the Star Trek 2009 movie).

All that said, this write-up isn’t too far off how I would design a Scale 3 TOS era version of the Einstein.

So… since memory alpha places the Einstein at 457.2 m, wouldn’t that make it a scale 5 ship instead of a scale 6? Especially since the Connie comes in at around 300m and scale 4? I do understand that the Kelvin trilogy upscaled pretty much everything, with plenty of reason to do so besides intervention from Mr. Abrams, but I’ve always seen the Einstein as depicted therein as cannon to both timelines. There may just have not been very many of them around since the fledgling United Federation of Planets probably couldn’t support very many ships of that tonnage until the turn of the 24th century with the introduction of the Excelsior class and the Khitomer Accords… ie. Prime Starfleet downscaled ships after the massive Einstein multipurpose survey ships flopped due to an excessive maintenance cost in the early UFP; however Kelvin Starfleet continued up scaling on a massive order because of the Narada’s presence representing a massive new threat to the quadrant and Starfleet needing to be ready for it to return…
Plus, i really don’t see a ship along the size and mass of the Reliant hauling 800 people though space.

I apologize for the nerd outburst… sometimes I get ahead of myself…

akordia, yeah, the contradictions inherent in trying to reconcile the different sizes of the Einstein is what made my head explode the first time I tried to fan-design it. I can’t find any reference to Memory Alpha saying the Einstein is 457.2 meters long, but Eaglemoss says that the Einstein is 624 meters long, which would make it Scale 6. You’ll find the Kelvin just up and to the left of the center of this jpeg.

This link… Kelvin type | Memory Alpha | Fandom in section 5.1.2 it reads: “ By or on 10 September, 2007 the Kelvin was scaled to be a total of 2,148 feet (655 meters) long. ( Star Trek - The Art of the Film , p. 145) However, by or on 14 January, 2008 this size was decreased to a length of 1,500 feet (457.2 meters). ( Star Trek Three disc Blu-ray documentary featurette “Starships”) ”
but I digress… a block for the larger version would be preferred since I feel it’s more canonical.

So you need a write-up and stats for the 624 meter Einstein. I’ll see what I can do. Give me a day or three.

EDIT (as of 12:33pm EST on Feb 2): I’m making progress. The essential stats of the Scale 6 Einstein are done, but I want to finish the Overview and Capabilities before I upload it to my GoogleDocs. I should have it done in a few hours. Stay tuned.

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Ok, here is the Scale 6 version of the Einstein-class Survey Vessel as depicted in Star Trek (2009). I don’t know much about Star Trek Online, but if that version of the ship is 600+ meters long, then this write-up should suffice.


Thank you for all the help.

Ummm… additional question/theory to add on here…

First, the question… is there a published ship talent for the spore drive from discovery? If so where is it? If not, does anyone have a home brew I can use?
Second, the theory… And am I right in postulating that a starship utilizing bioneural gel packs blended with tardigrade DNA sequences would be able to have the computer sync with the network and successfully navigate the network without a fully bio navigator? Especially in a ship with a fully sentient onboard AI.


As I have not yet seen DIS, I cannot answer the other questions, sorry.

[quote]First, the question… is there a published ship talent for the spore drive from discovery?

Second, the theory… And am I right in postulating that a starship utilizing bioneural gel packs blended with tardigrade DNA sequences would be able to have the computer sync with the network and successfully navigate the network without a fully bio navigator? Especially in a ship with a fully sentient onboard AI.

To the first question, not yet.

To the second, maybe? Gel packs didn’t work out so well on Voyager and we don’t know if their use was continued after the 2370s. All the research on the spore drive was shelved after Disco was ‘lost’ in 2258, though I could imagine someone cracking open the archives and trying again.

Sky’s the limit. Make it work for your game and have fun.

so… if i treat the ship’s AI as having a long service career, I could in theory give her multiple Arc Milestones… would I be ok with taking starship talents given that even though she has an android avatar, she is the ship?

Ultimately, are you a player or gm? If you’re a player, you should work it out with your GM - if you’re the GM, you can do whatever you feel is necessary!

However, be careful about mixing rules like that: imbalance isn’t necessarily an issue, but perceived imbalance is. If it looks like you’re attempting to make the character more versatile or powerful than the others then that is likely to cause problems. Additionally, milestones are supposed to be rewards for roleplaying well, not a way of boosting the character’s starting power - these aren’t D&D levels, and they’re not intended to reflect their prior career - remember grizzled captains and fresh-faced ensigns are built to the same standards.

In terms of how I would play this, I’d keep the AI and vessel separate in rules terms, but simply give the AI the role of Conn for the vessel. Don’t get fancy: stick close to the RAW.

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Here’s what the result is… and yes I am the GM…

MC Spec Nyx character sheet.pdf (121.4 KB)
USS Nyx NCC-506.pdf (2.2 MB)

What do y’all think?

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