Naming Super Mutants

I have decided to print cards so that each miniature can have its own card to help keep some of the clutter off the table.

Because I will be demo’ing this a bit thought it might be easier to tell which card goes with each model if I replaced the pictures of the models with each of the models as I paint them.

Then I thought if I’m going to print a card for every miniature why not give every miniature a name. That wasn’t just generic settler no. 3 that got to the objective. That was Steve Turner saying the day again.

I have done my first two Mutant Hounds but am having a hard time deciding what to name the super mutants. More precisely name them like the current named characters e.g. Hammer or Strong or use regular names like Marcus or Neil or do a mixture assuming that the named characters with a standard names will make there way into the game eventually


Those look great! I personally would try and do names similar to the named in game ones (Hammer, Fist, Strong, etc), but I’d try to think of original ones in that theme so as not to clash with the actual named ones when they come out. That said, if you’ve got lots of them and are struggling to think of names, throwing in the odd “Harold” or something may be good as well :slight_smile:

In Fallout Tactics, super mutants have different names as well:

I’ve wanted to do the same thing! How did you get an empty background to put the pictures in? Would you share it (pleeeeeeeease)? :slight_smile:

I will upload it when I get home tonight but when I load the PDF’s into photoshop you can select just images and you have the option of a completely blank card.

That would be great, thanks! I currently don’t have access to photoshop and use, so I look forward to your blank image file :slight_smile:

Name them after the 7 Dwarves.

It depends on what breed of super mutants they are. For Fallout 4 mutants go for Hammer, Strong, First, Rage and so on. For Fallout 3 go for Fawkes, Shepard or Uncle Leo. West coast mutants (FO1, FO2, FO:NV) have fairly normal names like Marcus or Neil.

Theres plenty of examples on the Wiki if you need inspiration.

Here is the blank card


Fantastic! I can’t thank you enough, spent hours to crop together a single background from bits and pieces of unit cards but never got it completed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Also, what’s the name of the Font for the names?

i just copied them out of other cards and just patched them together to make the names

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Thanks again :slight_smile: There goes my Saturday :wink:


Beautifully done

Thanks Zemmy for your work.
Why not create a topic for templates, blank cards ?

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This is fantastic! Thank you!

I like Dave, George and Brian.

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John, Paul, George, and … :smiley:

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Bert, Tom and William


In Fallout: New Vegas was a Mutant, which claims to remember that, she was a female before the process and have a female name.
So if you like even female names could be canon.