Naming Mutant Hounds

Since I’m priming my Mutant Hounds right now, I started to think about how I want to present them. Do I want to name each one or simply number them for reference on the field of play?

The dilemma I find myself in is this: If I start naming generic characters for play, then I have OCD and will HAVE to name everyone. That can be a lot of extra work with over 200 models, but I think in the long run it would be worth it.

So, to the meat of this post. I’ve been thinking briefly about naming super mutants. Quite often they have one word names, simply things that imply strength of violence. Those are easy, Hammer, Fist, Stone, Strong, Bash, Crush, Clobber, Boom, and I could go on for quite a while before I actually had to stop and think about it.

The mutant hounds have less of a defined pattern to their names though. I was thinking about being part traditional, part silly with it. I’ve seen people naming their models Biter, Fang, and similar in the same tradition as the Super Mutants, but I think it would be fun to take a slightly different approach.

I have a total of 11 Mutant Hounds, so far the names I have are as follows:

All of those are from the Scooby Doo universe, but I see no reason to limit myself to that (Being a fan of the series, they’re the first thing that came to mind.)

Does anyone have additional name ideas? I’ve been thinking I might maintain a cartoon theme, add Astro, Dino, Muttly, and similar, but I’d love to hear thoughts from other people before I start to commit myself to anything.


If you’re going for one word cartoon names, I’d like to suggest:

  • Droopy
  • Peabody
  • Huckleberry
  • Odie



How about unprepossessing-but-loyal dogs from movies?

  • Gonk (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark)
  • Meathead (Sudden Impact)
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I was thinking about Huckleberry, and the rest of the list are good ones too. I particularly like Droopy.

Meathead, that sounds SO much like something a Super Mutant would call their Hound.


I’m doing one of mine up with giant doggles and bandana, and he’s being called Mutant Houndmeat.

Cos why not?

In the same vein, I have a sentry bot companion for my Sole Survivor which I’ve named Dogmetal.


I was thinking about it and while the one name thing is “normal” (and what is normal for a SM), I was thinking of using a two word approach. One word being the thing or action like standard and then a second like an adverb or adjective. This would make it easier to come up with names. You could have two Hammer models, one is called Thunder Hammer, the other Hammer Smash or something.

I’ve been calling one of my ScoobyMeat, and Scrappy. I want to do some other stuff, but haven’t set my heart on anything yet. Lots of good suggestions around here though.

Name them after the wolves from Game of Thrones. Grey Wind, Ghost, Nymeria, Lady, and Shaggydog


Two of them I have already named ScoobyMeat and Scrappy. With them I’ve done some early work do to up a batch of Super Mutants as the Scooby Gang.

With nine remaining Mutant Hounds I either want to do them all as a themed group or as individuals. So far however, I haven’t had a lot of call to name the rest as I haven’t played more than two at a time in a game.