My painted FOWW stuff

Still WIP. My fleet of Corvairs. The paint jobs before 200 years of sitting outside. I almost hate to apply the weathering to these guys


This stuff:

Is bloody awesome for heavy duty weathering. I’ve used it on tanks and warjack wrecks and was surprised how well they came out. Then I lost them when I moved…

20181223_204439 20181223_204519 20181223_204604


Seeing all of your Corvega Sedans inspired me to get to work on my own. They look nice

Out of curiosity, have you considered trying a gloss black for the windows, give them a bit of a reflective quality?

Not real wild about the white mutant hound (Just personal preference), but it certainly stands out. Rest of it looks good. The radscorpions in particular look amazing.

I’m going to do a ton of weathering. These vehicles hsve no tires so zim going with a long abandoned look. I’m planning on streaks of tan and other light colors, whatever feels right at the time to look like many encounters with dirty rain.

My Corvegas finished.


Very nice, those look amazing.

Thank you. It hurt my heart to rust them up, but I am pleased.

I can imagine. Must have felt like having a new toy just the way you want it, then trashing it, . . .couldn’t have been easy, but the end result is going to look great on the table.

I think so. The only thing that kept me going was telling myself over and over " they’re going to look great in play and Modiophius is tellibg us there’s going to be an intact version."

That was a long time ago however, and everything is subject to change.


Some more finished bits


Looking really good. Curiosity, any particular reason you went with blue for the radioactive barrels? They look good, just used to seeing the yellow in the game.

I went wiith blue and 1/2 are an industial green. I went with these colors because they pleased me and looked industrial. I have to confess I’ve never played the computer game. I have been googleing pictures of most things in thevgame world as I paint them, but never even thought to search for the barrels. Notice my rocket fir the Red Rocket station has white accents. Again this look pleases me.

I liked that you mixed things up a bit going back and forth with the colors for the visual diversity.

That’s the thing about miniatures games, if the end results make you happy, then that’s all that really matters.

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That’s how I feel about it. I try to keep things accurate, but sometimes you have to go off script.


Well said.