My First Game: Tutorial 1 - Reflections and a Question

A week or so ago, I finally managed to play my first game. It was the best wargame that I have played for decades. It took more or less one hour to play (excluding setting up the table), which was great, the four rounds and my opponent and I had a great time.

I took played the Survivors faction and I managed to win, which was contrary to my expectations, as my opponent (my dad) is a very cunning and experienced gamer. It must be said that the dice were on my side, but I also had the advantage of having read a lot of topics here and watched various You Tube videos, so I had refined my tactics in advance. The two Settlers equipped with Hunting Rifles were very effective at long range and I made a bold move with my Sole Survivor (Amelia - named after my character in my saved computer games) to rescue Dogmeat, which payed off after the Brute fluffed his charge bonus action with the Super Sledgehammer and his second swing was thwarted by the strong armour bonus for the Sole Survivor faction. By this time, my Settlers has accounted for the two Super Mutants with very accurate Hunting Rifle shots, and then Dogmeat and Amelia were able to take down the Brute as a tag team (I remembered to lower Dogmeat’s agility to six as per the latest FAQ/Errata).

The only thing that I was unsure about during the game was whether quick actions should have been used during this tutorial. They are not explained until after the tutorial one icon in the rulebook, so we assumed not, however, Amelia broke out of close combat with the Brute and the rules did state that he could take his quick action attack, so we agreed to employ it then. We ignored all the quick action results on the skill dice though. Was this correct?

I wanted to take pictures and write a proper report for you all, but I had a family bereavement over the summer and my plans for painting, photographing, and playing all the tutorials, therefore, rightly, had to be put on the backburner, but managing to play one game was very cathartic for me and my dad, so it was good that we were able to. In the future, I have plans to get a friend involved, hopefully at Christmas, while I will also be playing AI games too.

Thanks for reading.


Hey… glad you enjoyed it. I also have only just started playing and painting fallout warfare, and I’m loving it.

I played this mission and excluded all quick actions etc. however I see no harm in using quick actions if you wish. In fact I’m going to play this mission again but include quick actions, reactions and hero cards to my next play through. There is so much stuff to learn but I’ve gotta say the community is one of the best I’ve experienced on the internet, everyone is very helpful and friendly.


You did right with the escape from combat. The only reason that the free attack from your opponent is a quick action is because it standardises the terminology throughout the rules to make the game easier to play.

As I see it, in spirit it’s a quick action insofar as it gets a -2 modifier to the special attribute because it’s harder to hit a fleeing target.

Any quick action result on the skill dice for the first few tutorial scenarios simply count as an automatic pass if you get just the cog symbol, or an automatic fail if you get the Cog and X symbols together.

Sorry for your loss, I’m glad you both enjoyed playing the game and that it gave you a little moment of peace.

The game is very very fun, and captures the feel of the Fallout games very, very well.

The tutorials make for learning the rules sequentially in smaller, bite sized chunks, and it’s much easier to learn as a result.

Modiphius did a great job with it, and continue to do so.

Keep us posted on you and your Dad’s Wasteland adventures! :slight_smile:


Thank you for clearing up the rules query and I’m really pleased that we played it correctly. It didn’t help the Brute much because he missed anyway, but at least he got the chance to have quick swipe :grin:.

The next battles will take place over Christmas and I may be able to get a friend involved too. He came to the funeral and we got talking about it afterwards. He seemed keen.

Thank you for kind words as well.

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