Gaming Session 1

Finally got together with @robhistory to play Wasteland Warfare. We managed to fit in three games in an afternoon and we treated it as a “Learn as we play” experience. We both started out with a basic understanding of the game, but I openly admit that we bungled a couple of the rules along the way. Correcting mistakes as we go along, I think we had a pretty good understanding of the rules by the end of it. Most of the game played very naturally, the rules coming easily with just the occasional issue that we needed to take the time to clarify. After playing, I fully expect that the next time we play it will go very smoothly.

This also gave us a great opportunity to showcase a few of our terrain pieces.

We took some pictures along the way and wanted to share with everyone.

The first game we played was a slightly altered version of the “General Atomics Facility” scenario from page 28 of the campaign book.
-We both used units which were exactly the same. By doing this, we felt it would simplify the game a little bit and ensure that our teams were balanced.
-It seemed like every time we bumped the table, we’d knock the “Solar Panel” off the one house. We joked about making a house rule that if the table got bumped hard enough to knock something down, we should start adding a Deathclaw to the table each time. Maybe with a bigger game we’ll try something like that. :wink:
-All of the painted terrain belongs to robhistory. The unpainted stuff was mine, . . . except the Corvegas in the second and third game, . . . . . and the gnome, . . . that came painted.
-When our two Dogmeat models met up near the fire hydrant, . . . . they both opted to make a short pit stop. Hilarity ensued.

DSCN8974 DSCN8975
We tried to take a picture once a round. I pulled off to an early lead, gaining a slight head start on the terminal hacks and taking down two of his models early on, but the tide quickly turned and it became a shooting match and somehow it became a complete rout.

It was a ton of fun and by the end of the game we both had a pretty good grasp on the basics.

The second game we played, we wanted to play against the AI in the interest of learning how it works so we could play solo games.
-We actually created a really quick scenario of our own. We jokingly called it “Nuka Rush” The idea was that we created a small force for each of us, then created a a Super Mutant force about the size of our two forces combined.
-At the center of the map we placed a Nuka Cola machine along with the two Nuka Cherry crates from the Red Rocket set. The rules were simple, make base contact with the crates or soda machine. For every model that maintains base contact for a full turn, you get one point. First side to ten points wins.
-We added a Suicider to the Super Mutant list. Going to be honest, we were both so scared of what it might do to us that our first impulse was to spread out so it couldn’t take us all down at once, and unloaded on him with everything we had. We finally brought it down only one round from reaching us. Had us sweating just a little bit.

We were preoccupied by the suicider for the first three rounds of the game. Because of that the Super Mutants reached the target area first. After that, we were rushing to keep Hammer engaged so that he couldn’t bring his rocket launcher to bear effectively. The Super Mutants were only one round away from reaching our target score when we killed the last one. It was pretty intense and was a lot of fun.

The final game we played (I thought I’d taken a couple of pictures, but apparently I failed to do so. Sorry about that.) was “The Jury Street Colossus.” We made one change to the scenario, we used both of my Behemoths and each of us set up a 200 point squad to confront them. I used Aspirant Goddard and a Knight Patrol model. robhistory built a settler squad. The basic backstory we came up with is that a small Brotherhood of Steel unit was assisting a local settlement clear the area to improve relations with the locals.

We were lucky, really lucky, it seemed like every shot that was fired we were hitting our targets, those poor Behemoths were getting chewed up every step of the way, even caught one on fire at one point. Right at the start, we took cover and started shooting. The Behemoths came trudging along and we just kept shooting. A couple of our models took hits, but the battle was pretty one sided. We had little trouble taking them both down, but we both knew that the dice liked us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that you all enjoy the pictures. I’d fully intended to take a lot more as we went along, but we got swept up in the moment.

One little thing we were talking about is the crashed space ship. robhistory had the one you can see on our map. When the official one comes out I have every intention of getting my hand on one. We were talking about taking both crashed ships and using them as the centerpiece of a small scenario. We’d place them nose to nose, then have to alien squads fighting it out. The idea is that they crashed, and the two groups are fighting it out over who was at fault.

We had a lot of fun, and we’re both looking forward to getting together for another game, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I’ll make an effort to take more pictures next time.


Nice write up. Sounded like lots if fun :slight_smile: Im terrified of those suiciders lol. Playing my first games tomorrow, can’t wait.

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I hope that you have every bit as much fun playing as we did.

You know what you’re going to be playing yet as far as factions/models? I know for us, we tried to start out simple then built up from there. I think next time we’ll get more involved when building our squads.

Hey! Yes we spilt 500 caps of surivors against 500 caps of AI super mutants :slight_smile: I will make my own post of the battle with pics soon. Quick summary it was super duper fun! I think we are playing a follow up game tomorrow.


Nice. I’ll be excited to see your battle report when you get around to making it!