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Mutant chronicles errata

Hello everyone. Seems to be a calm forum so far. I have played most of mutant chronicles since the old books was out when i was a kid and it all was written in swedish for me. I loved the game but the rules sucked so hard donkeyballs it was literally impossible to play it without a massive amount of house rules. The new 2d20 system is amazing and it manage to capture the action packed game. Yet i have felt that some of the rules are either kinda poorly written or either pointless or confusing. So after playing the game for a long time i figured i had to remake some talents for my group. They enjoyed the changes and one of them suggested i should post them here for people to use or to discuss if they feel other things needs changing or if the changes i have added might need looking more into.

(disclaimer) english is not a native language for me and im to cheap to get me a spelling program and to lazy to download one so im sorry in advance for the many spelling and grammar errors.

If you wonder why the changes i can always elaborate my thinking but it felt like if i made this wall of text much higher trump would come and steal it.


Animal Handling

Animal Healer
anytime the character is called upon to make a treatment or medicine test upon an animal, he may instead substitute his animal handling skill. Character with this talent may also substitute their animal handling skill for treatment tests on humans.

Rigorous Training
rigorous training may only be taken once

Strong Grip
The character never drops or surrenders an object unless he has chosen to do so. Any dark symmetry costs for disarming the character have their cost doubled.

Close Combat

After successfully executing a Parry respone action, characters with this talent may immediately pay one Dark Symmetry point to make a standard melee attack against the foe they parried. This is a base difficulty of D2. Momentum from the parry may be carried over to the attack.

Quick Draw
The character is always preperad for melee combat. The character lowers the time it takes to draw a melee weapon, from standard action to restricted, from restricted to free action.

When selecting this talent, the character must also select a specific type of melee weapon. one-handed, unbalanced or two-handed. When using weapons of that size, the first Dark Symmetry point paid to gain additional dice provides two dice instead of one. This talent can be taken up to three times, one for each weapon size.

Weapon Master
characters that continue their focus with a specific weapon become particularly proficient with it. When selecting Weapon Master, the character must choose a specific size of melee weapon that he has already chosen as the size from the Specialist talent. When wielding weapons of this size the character generates an extra momentum from a successful attack. This talent may be taken three times, once for each size of melee weapon.


High Command
This talent gets its difficulty lowered by the Network talent.


Way With Words
The character is familiar with the idioms and speech patterns of a broad range of different populations. This talent can be taken several times, each time the character takes it the character learns a new language. Subject to GMs approval.


Slayer of Darkness
The character has learned how to most effectively harm and kill the creatures of darkness. As a restricted action, the character may nominate a single creature of darkness and attemt a D1 Mysticism test. if this succeds, then the characters next attack against that creature inflicts one additional point of damage, plus one extra damage per momentum spent.


Find the weak spot
As a restricted action, the character may nominate a target and attemt a D1 observation test. if this succeds, then the characters next attack against that creature inflicts one additional point of damage, plus one extra damage per momentum spent.


Increase the difficulty to D2.


The character is skilled at identifying behavior and motives with his patients. When interacting with people the character can substitute Persuade and Insight with psychotherapy.

Ranged Weapons

Gun in hand
The character is always prepared for a gunfight. As a Respone action the character can respond to an attack with an attack of his own with any ranged weapon he can wield. This attack has a base difficulty of D2, and is resolved before the enemy attack. If this reaction kills or otherwise incapacitates the attacker, then his attack is prevented.

Speed Loader (Fastest Gun)
Reworked to Fastest Gun.
The character is always preperad for ranged combat. The character lowers the time it takes to draw a ranged weapon held in one hand, from standard action to restricted, from restricted to free action.

Through and Through
When the character spends momentum on a secondary target effect for a ranged weapon with burst mode or above, it only cost one momentum instead of two. In addition, the character can select a number of secondary targets equal to his ranks in Through and Through. Through and Through can be taken up to three times.


Just a scratch
The character has a knack for shrugging of minor injuries and quickly recover from wounds. When resting or recovering naturally, the character heals one light wound per rank in Just a Scratch per day. This talent can be taken up to three times.

The characters physique is particularly resilient. When suffering from heat and cold, hunger and thirst or sleep deprivation, the difficulty of the resistance test to resist the negative effects is reduced by one step per rank of Resilient. This may reduce the difficulty to zero, removing the need for a test. this may be purchased up to three times.

Fever Dreams
The character have built up an strong resistance to diseases and have now built up an impressive immune system. He reduces the dificulty of diseases with one per rank in Fever dreams. This talent can be taken twice.


The character has intensely studied the physical sciences, conducted independent research, and has formulated advanced theories about the core nature of reality. He may reduce the difficulty of any research test by one per rank of scientist. This may eliminate the need for a test. Scientist may be taken up to three times.

The character is not only familiar with the different organisms that dwell in the solar system, he is also comfortable creating new forms of life and operate on living beings. If the character has access to laboratory facilities, he can create life, effectivly substituting science for Medicine.


Living Shadow
The character have been adept at using terrain effect and social cues to remain unnoticed by observers. When attemting to remain unseen or unnoticed, the character may add 1d20 extra on the roll.


Bypass Security
The character has studied different security systems and has developed a broad range of different techniques to mitigatetheir effiency. Any time a character with Bypass Security attempts to pick a lock or overcome a security system - regardless of whether it is mechanical or electronic - if he gets atleast one success on the initial roll he may roll an additional d20s equal to his ranks in Bypass Security. Any success is added to the initial success and Reprecussions on these additional dice may be ignored. Bypass Security can be taken up to three times.


Ration Meds
The character has had to work with very limited resources in the past, and has learned to take full advantage of them when available. Each dose of coagulant from a medkit or automed ads two momentum on the test instead of the usual one.

There was a fairly lengthy errata thread in the old forums that I collated - but I’d need to check where the final version is destined to end up.

Hi Bill,
it would be good to know also what errata is included in the last seed of pdf on drivethrurpg.

thanks in advance,


@Ike we rolled most of Bill’s errata in and took care of some duplicate text in the Dark Legion info section. I’ll ask Bill nicely to post up his errata here for everyone :slight_smile:

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I’ll try and get it posted on here in the next fortnight or so :wink:
If in doubt, rulebook take precedence!

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Any chance there will be a revised printed edition corebook?

I believe the book is a revised PDF currently- @Modiphius-MarcL can probably confirm if there will be a second print run for sale at some point…
However, in any case, here’s the compiled Errata and Clarifications from the printed versions currently in circulation. Where appropriate, the PDF versions take precedence.
Thanks to @Modiphius-Nathan and @Modiphius-MarcL for the rules clarifications and Shadow Walker for catching the ones I may have missed.
Anyway - here they are. These are from all the current print product line.



Awesome, thanks Bill!

Gonna quickly adjust the upcoming online character tool to reflect these fixes.

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Cheers! Let me know here if you’ve any questions or if there’s anything I missed!

Luna & Freelancers Sourcebook (page 109): Under attribute improvements, the Police (Fire and Resuce Officer) basic career gains only 9 attribute points instead of 11. There is currently no strength improvement. I think 2 points of Strength instead of 0 would be reasonable for a firefighter.

Cartel & Orbitals Source Book (page 15): The Police (Cartel Investigator) basic career gains 12 attribute points instead of 11. If this wasn’t intended, maybe lowering the Physique bonus from 2 to 1 would fit.


There is a second print run on the way :slight_smile:


Mishima Sourcebook, p 84, Cybernetic table, Arm section: the roll column listed no entry for a roll of 1 to 3, just a dash at basic arm. Idk if this a error or intended?

Hi all, and thank you Bill for the Errata.
In the Dark Legion campaign, the red cross for the location of the Necromakina is missing in the map at page 76-77.
Can you help please ?
Best regards,

Stephane, France

Will the second print be a revised edition (MC 3.1), or just corrections of first print ?

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In IMP p22: " In the Dark Legion Era, Clan Kingsfield has a reputation for being untrustworthy, and it is disinclined to trust those of other clans. Clan Kingsfield characters increase the Repercussion range of Persuade and Command tests by one when dealing with Imperials from other clans. In the Dark Symmetry Era, the Clan’s shame is yet to occur; increase the Clan’s Social Standing and Earnings."

Increase to what ?

I think it should be +1 to both Social Standing and Earnings for DS era Kingsfielders.

Yeah that was my thought too, but reading about the clan later in the book, it becomes really confusing.

Not sure if this has been touched upon, but the Athletic Scholarship education in the Capitol book gives an insane amount of attribute bonuses compared to all other educations. Even with the errata (which lowers AWA to +0 and INT to +1, it still has 2 more points.

Should it really have:

STR +2
PHY +2
AGI +2
AWA +0
COR +1
INT +1
MST +1
PER +1


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Yes, that looks right to me.

Another thing. Since Martial Artist was correctly changed to not be available in the DS era, should not also all things related to Ki be removed from the DS era?