Mistakes found in box scenarios

I don’t know if this could be useful, but I was translating this scenarios and I have found some erratas in some scenarios:
Box scenarios 1-5:
·Radio tower takeover: victory conditions seem wrong, the defender player should not let the enemy control the radio tower, so its victory condition seems upside down.

Box scenarios - creatures:
·Old’s Gullet deathtrap: the deployment for the Invader player is Black + Yellow on the map, but in the ‘Scenario rules’ section says Black + Orange.
·DC Metro raid: the Ghoul player places 3 Investigaction markers, but they appear as searchable markers on the map

Hey @DK-dark

  • Box Scenario Four, Radio Tower Takeover, Defender Major Victory Conditions: Change ''The enemy controls the Tower by Round 6" to “You control the Tower by Round 6”.

  • Creature Box Scenarios, Scenario Two, Old Gullet’s Deathtrap, Scenario Map: Change the BLACK+YELLOW measurements for the Invaders Deployment Zone to BLACK+ORANGE.

  • Creature Box Scenarios, Scenario Three, DC Metro Raid, Scenario Map: Change the Searchable Markers to Investigation Markers.

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