New scenarios, Bear force one, Black Mountain Beacons

In Bear Force One, Suggested forces have 1x NCR Ranger, but what ranger? Civilian, Patrol or Veteran?


In Black Mountain Beacons, it seems the Minor Nightkin Victory is missing (its minor victory condition)
Letter tokens and Critical token from the bullet points are misplaced.

In Border Patrol, the victory conditions seem upside down, and it seems the curated wasteland’s description is missing.

In No Dice!, Victory conditions say you get +1 point when you take out the counting tokens, and -1 if your model dies or leaves the board, but you need to leave the board to take out the tokens, is that intended?
The 4 Searchable markers with the red toolbox there seem misplaced too, they belong to the next bullet point.

Hi DK-dark

For the suggested forces I would say it should be an NCR Patrol Ranger as they are more suited to the Trail Carbine.

Your question about the scenario No Dice!, this is not intended, the -1 would only apply when your model dies. Thank you for bringing the other quires to our attention, we will update these when we next review the downloads page.

Hope this helps,

what’s the minor victory condition for the nightkins in black mountain beacon?

Hey @DK-dark

  • The Minor Victory condition for the Nightkin in ‘Black Mountain Beacons’ would be ‘3+ Beacons working’.
  • The Letter tokens in Bullet Point 2 should be moved to Bullet Point 1.
  • The Critical token in Bullet Point 3 should be moved to Bullet Point 2.
  • Border Patrol, Victory Conditions, Major and Minor Attacker Victory: Replace all instances of ‘attacking force’ with ‘defending force’.
  • Border Patrol, Victory Conditions, Defender Victory: Replace the instance of ‘defending force’ with ‘attacking force’.
  • Border Patrol, Curated Wasteland: Replace ‘…’ with the following - ‘a contested mountain pass’.