Misprint in starter set tutorial scanario 2?

Hi all,

I just picked up the two player starter set whilst on holiday and am really liking the game so far. We have been playing through the tutorial missions and are about to start mission 2, which calls for one brute and three supermutants for the supermutant side. However, the kit comes with one brute, two supermutants and two hounds. Is this a misprint, have we got a set with the wrong models or does this mean we need to purchase an extra set to play this? I couldn’t find any posts referring to this and it isn’t mentioned in the errata on the website.

I had the same question and it was answered on facebook by @WriterJames . Instead of the Brute, use the two Mutant Hounds.

Also, in scenario 4, take the grenades from the Settlers and give them to the Sole Survivor.

Ah great - many thanks!

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