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Looking for playtesters for Judge Dredd 2D20 Homebrew

A couple of years ago around the time after Conan was successfully kickstarted, I started a project to adapt the famous Judge Dredd setting from 2000 AD Comics to the 2D20 system. I stopped soon after when I heard about EN Worlds acquisition of the rights to create their own RPG of the setting, but after not feeling satisfied with the final product and waning interest from waiting for so long I abandoned it until recently. I recently started working a job with shifting off days, but recently the schedule has stabilized and I have Thursdays consistently free for the foreseeable future, so during this time I’d like to try to gauge interest and do some playtesting for my very rough draft of what I have written so far.

I plan on using Discord for voice chat and Roll20 for a virtual tabletop on Thursdays at any time during the day or night. RPing is optional, I only need a single person to help, and as I said before the document is in a very rough draft (like, pre-alpha rough TBH), and it’s likely the first thing I’ll want to test is how character creation feels to new players. If you are interested in participating, I’ll leave my Discord username in a new post so we can talk further.