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Looking for playtesters for houserules and homebrews

I am an avid houseruler and homebrewer and MC3 has been my main choice to make stuff up for since the line finished a couple years ago. I want to test the stuff I’ve written for when I eventually try to put it out into the public since there are some pretty extensive stuff I’ve written down beyond minor tweaks and a few powers and weapons. I’d also like to use this opportunity to gauge interest and focus more on what I’m writing.

I plan on using Discord for voice chat and Roll20 for a virtual tabletop on Thursdays at any time during the day or night. RPing is optional and I only need a single person to help. It’s hard to say where I’d like to start with testing, but I’d like to start with testing out the smaller stuff, such as the minor tweaks, powers, weapons ETC. If you are interested in participating, I’ll leave my Discord username in a new post so we can talk further.

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I can’t join for tonight, since I’m GM’ing in about 20 min. But I’d love to be a play-tester.

My username and DiscordTag is Apocolyptia#8857. I live in a PST timezone, but I do nothing important on my days off so I can literally start at any time for convenience.

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I have an update for my playtesting of Mutant Chronicles 3rd. I’ve decided to run on any day off I have since my off days are always shifting around every week. I have set up a private server and at the start of every week I say what my days off are and aak what time anybody can play on those days.

I’ve brought in one of my personal friends to help me. He’s never played the system before and so far he’s been having a lot of fun. If anyone does decide to join in, me and him generally play at around 1 or 2 PM PST on my weekdays off, and so far there’s been 2 sessions lasting about 2 hours each. Right now the scenario I’ve been running with him involves Mishima martial artists and testing my expansion of the various martial arts groups, crunch and fluff wise.

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Made some new Charactersheets for Apocolytia’s rule’s testing. Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Life_Path_Worksheet_V1.5.2(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (275.0 KB) Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Sheets_V1.5.2(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (592.6 KB) Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Sheets_V1.5.2(Printer_Friendly_Pink)Fillable.pdf (592.6 KB) Mutant_Chronicles_Equipment_Sheet_V1.5.2(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (191.5 KB) Mutant_Chronicles_Spell_Sheet_V1.5.2(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (50.9 KB)

Yet another update! Due to gaining a temporary job working as a U.S. Census Bureau Enumerator, for the next couple of months I will be able to make my own times for work, so I will be able to work around other peoples schedules if necessary if you find the following intriguing enough to give a shot at joining in. Since last I left a message for my recruitment attempt there has been a definitive direction for testing, which is expanding the martial artists of the setting! If you’re a fan of wuxia and fantastical martial arts, then you’ll enjoy what I have to offer.

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Due to real life circumstances for my two friends I have helping me test, I have not been able to get as much done as I would have liked to in September, especially since I had to help them learn the game before subjecting them to anything complicated, so I’ve only really been able to test some of my house rules. I’m going to put up a link to a google doc that consists of the house rules and homebrew stuff related to the house rules. Hopefully this might abate some hesitation as to if I’m actually doing anything. If anybody is still interested in helping me, I have resumed my retail job and currently have an erratic schedule that changes week to week, so I post my schedule every week as to what days I have off on the Discord server.

I feel that I’ve written enough home brew material that I can share one every day or two and keep it up for a good while. I’d like to preface by saying that when I put these entries up, I will have the mechanics written for use with normal MC campaigns instead of with my house rules. Also, pretty much all of these are untested, so actual in-game use feedback would be helpful.

CB 2000
Description: The Concussive Blaster is essentially a high-tech shotgun used mainly by Cybertronics elite Riot Suppression Squads. The Blaster generates the concussive force that it fires within it’s structure via a small generator and is efficient enough that it will not require any recharging even after a few days of heavy use. The Blaster is designed to be used in mainly urban combat with many civilians in the area and has two different modes, Non-Lethal and Lethal, that adjusts the focus of the concussive force that is shot and can be switched between as a Free Action. The Blaster is inefficient outside urban areas, as the generator has a failsafe that will cause it to lose all power if a ‘jam’ occurs (if for whatever reason the failsafe doesn’t activate, the gun explodes as an Anti-Tank grenade with Blast [Close]) and will have to be recharged with a large amount of energy and a D2 Science test to be reactivated. Though the Blaster is a deadly weapon up close, it loses a lot of it’s potency at range and becomes almost ineffective against credible threats.

Restriction: 5

Cost: 20

Range: C

Damage: 1+6 (decreases by 1 dice for every Range Category beyond Close)

Mode: -

Encumbrance: 5

Size: 2H

Reliability: C

Non-Lethal Mode: Blast (Close), Knockdown, Non-Lethal, Stun (loses these qualities, besides Non-Lethal, at Long Range and beyond), Wide Shot
[Wide Shot: The Secondary Target Momentum Spend cost is reduced to 1.]

Lethal Mode: Armor Piercing 2, Knockdown, Pinpoint Devastation, Unforgiving 1, Vicious 1 (loses these qualities at Long Range and beyond)
[Pinpoint Devastation: The Devastating Blow Momentum spend cost is reduced to 1.]

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Psycho Gas Grenade / Sprayer (Algeroth)

Description: What was originally an anger inducing stimulant has been mutated by Algeroth’s Symmetry Pattern into a potent tool of terror. Psycho Gas is a long lingering, thin and orange colored chemical gas that, when entering the brain of any organism, causes a sudden and intense desire for violence that, depending on the length of exposure, can last for hours after the affected have left the clouds. A common tactic used by Heretics is to simply just go to a crowded area and drop some PG grenades, but the effectiveness varies depending on the population, so where a Capitol commercial center will result in a massive shootout, a Bauhaus commercial center will just be a massive brawl with few casualties. In war, a common tactic is to have Undead Legionnaires carrying sprayers saturate certain parts of the battlefield with PG, such as areas that the Legion cannot reinforce effectively and have stealthy combatants stalk the cloudy area.

Restriction: -

Cost: -

Range: C/C

Damage: 0+4/0+5 (do not count damage, only DSI, which also occur on 5s)

Mode: Munition/Munition

Encumbrance: 1/2

Size: 1H/1H

Corruption Factor: 2

Qualities: Blast (Close), Enrage, Non-Lethal, Thin and Lingering Smoke / Enrage, Non-Lethal, Thin and Lingering Smoke, Torrent

Thin and Lingering Smoke: The Attack with the weapon is automatically successful. The targeted zone fills with light smoke. While filled with the smoke, Ranged Attacks and Observation Tests made within, out of, or through that zone, have their difficulty increased by one. Psycho Gas is very heavy and cohesive and is much less likely to dissipate or get blown by light winds than normal smoke. Rather than lasting for 1d6 rounds, it lasts for 1d6 hours.

Enrage: When a living creature inhales Psycho Gas, they are consumed with an intense desire for violence. If a living creature is attacked by these weapons or within a zone that has PG inside it inhales without any sort of protection, they will be subject to a Difficulty 3 Willpower Test and a Difficulty 3 Resistance Test. Failure of both tests results in gaining three stacks of the Ira Dark Influence that are active for a number of hours equal to 1+DSIs rolled on damage dice rolled after failure, while failure on one of the tests results in one active stack of the Ira Dark Influence that only lasts for 1+1/2 (round down) DSIs rolled in hours.

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Muawijhe Gift

Reality is Terror

Difficulty: D5

Action: Standard

Target: Up to 20 intelligent creatures within Medium Range

Duration: Indefinite

Base Effect: This powerful and cruel Gift derives its strength from Muawijhe himself, who uses the Gift Bearer as a continuous conduit for his power, and causes the targeted victims to be terrorized with a constant irrational fear of everything while the fears they felt before become even more intense as time goes on until they are vegetables. While a target is affected by this Gift they must make a Willpower test every hour, starting at Difficulty 1 for the first 4 hours they are affected and for every subsequent 4 hours the difficulty increases by 1, or suffer a Mental Assault. The Fear rating of anything the victims encounter is increased by 1 for every 6 hours and gains Fear 1 if it did not have it before. The victims also gain 1 Dread every hour. There is no complete protection from this Gift, so seeking refuge in a Brotherhood consecrated building, or other similar areas, will only double the time interval of the Difficulty and Fear rating increases while a victim remains in those areas.

Bleed: For every 2 Momentum spent one of the links is able to let the bearer feed on the trauma caused to the target and empower them. Every time one of these targets fails their Willpower test, the bearer receives a number of Personal Dark Symmetry equal to half the test’s Difficulty (Rounded Down and the max is 10 DSP).

Special: After Reality is Terror is activated, links of Dark Symmetry (that are easily tracked as well, something to keep in mind) are formed between the bearer and the victims, which is the cause of the Gift’s effects and it is possible to end the effects of the Gift in a few ways outside of Muawijhe voluntarily ending it. The most direct and violent way is to kill the bearer, as it is their corrupted soul residing within their living body that allows Muawijhe to continue the use of this Gift and the bearer’s death effectively destroys the Dark Symmetry links as the soul dissipates. Another way is to use supernatural power to destroy a link, but this means a direct confrontation of will with Muawijhe in an attempt to break a single link, which could only be accomplished reliably by a group of powerful Mystics, Heretics, or even another Dark Apostle. The third and least likely way is for the bearer to end the Gift themselves, but that is likely to result in their death as they are probably defying the will of Muawijhe, but Muawijhe works in insane and mysterious ways.

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Sling (Universal)

Encumbrance: -

Reliability: 5

Restriction: 0

Cost: 2

Maintenance: -

Description: Made of long strips of fabric with built in buckles and fasteners, slings are used to keep two-handed and unwieldy weapons on your person when you have to let go of them without stowing them away. A sling attachment makes it so that when you ‘drop’ the attached weapon, it travels with you and can be put back into their hands as a free action. While the attached weapon is ‘dropped’ it counts as being in one hand for the purpose of being targeted by the Disarm momentum spend or initiating a Skill Test to grab it.

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Morphanol Dose (Capitol)

Description: Chana, an herb found and cultivated in the Graveton Archipelago, is used by Capitol to make one of the most potent and addictive painkillers mankind has created, Morphanol. Capitol tries to downplay the addictiveness in order to make it more marketable, but between the euphoria and total loss of inflicted pain while still being able to mostly function and the chemicals within that can cause a physical and mental dependence that most can never recover from, addiction is almost guaranteed. Capitol distributes large amounts of Morphanol to the Freedom Brigade and Free Marines, mostly because they are considered expendable and are expected to make sacrificial moments of glory, which is definitely helped by the Morphanol.

Morphanol meant for military use comes in small jet syringes, requiring only a Restricted Action to draw and inject in the same round. A character that injects Morphanol recovers 1+6[CD] Dread, with a DSI result recovering 1 Dread and also recovering a Mental Wound, but after injecting the character must make a D1 Resistance Test to avoid becoming addicted, with every DSI rolled increasing Difficulty by 1. As well, the character gains the Inured to Pain Special Ability for 4 hours, and if a character dies while being affected by Morphanol, they will be able to take one last turn before dying for good, within reason of course.

Load: -

Encumbrance: 0

Reliability: 3

Restriction: 4

Cost: 7

Maintenance: -

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Azoak (Algeroth)

Description: While the Azogar is one of the most iconic weapons wielded by the Legions of Algeroth, they aren’t the only chainsaw weapons used. The Azoaks are chainswords that were either scavenged or smithed from Symmetry Furnaces and have been given the same, but smaller, Symmetry powered motor found in Azogars. Azoaks are commonly used by Centurions who see their Skalaks more as ceremonial swords, and other elite human-sized soldiers of the Legions.

Restriction: -

Cost: -

Range: -

Damage: 1+5

Mode: Burst

Encumbrance: 4

Size: Unbalanced* (*see the end of Turbo-Charge)

Corruption Factor: 3

Qualities: Parry 1, Gruesome, Vicious 2

Turbo-Charge: Using a special hyper-efficient fuel made from alien substances and Symmetry infusion, the Azoak can inject the fuel into the motor, causing the sawteeth to become almost invisible as they go beyond a speed the human eye can register and the Sword becomes more difficult to control. The Azoak has a Mode of Burst and can use specially made fuel that functions as a Reload, but makes the Azoak difficult to control the more fuel is injected, causing it to become 2-Handed when 1 Reload is used and Unwieldy when 2 Reloads are used. Each Reload has an Encumbrance of 1.

ISC-1 (Headquarters) Coffee Boy

Description: While Headquarters is mostly made up of analysts and radio technicians, some of the information obtained is too sensitive to risk being intercepted in retransmission and must be sent physically, which is where the Coffee Boys come in. Considered the best couriers in Imperial, Coffee Boys are officially considered agents of Headquarters, but are often found on loan to pretty much every department in ISC. Most Coffee Boys come from a destitute background, usually being street urchins and orphans, who are promised to be given the job if they can pass a grueling screening and training process. They are named Coffee Boys due to the free coffee vouchers they receive for the rest of their life, but most of their efficiency really comes from all the high-grade stimulant drugs they are given and personally buy. Even though they are trained to resist addiction and overcome overdoses and comedown effects, most retired Coffee Boys exit their career as drug ridden messes and due to the addictions most end up developing anyways and the reduced cost of all Imperial sold stimulants for active operatives, very few willingly retire.

Prerequisites: Imperial, Acrobatics Expertise 1 or Athletics Expertise 1

Difficulty: 2

Mandatory skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Resistance

Elective skills: Stealth, Pilot, Space

Signature skill: 1 of the associated Skills above

Talents: 2 from any of the associated skills above

Equipment: Lifetime supply of free Imperial coffee in the form of vouchers, 2 doses of Energy, 4 doses of Stim, Climbing Gear, MK. 1 Light Personal Protection Suit, Piranha Handgun, Concealed Holster, Light Rucksack

Earnings Rating: 3

Special Bonuses: The likelihood of developing an addiction to drugs are halved and overdoses are half as effective and the comedown penalties are halved (round down). As well, all Imperial stimulant drugs have halved Cost for active operatives.

Inquisitor Bartholomew Edition Book of Law

Description: A bespoke Book of Law created at the request of the Martian Inquisitor Bartholomew in 95 YC for use in combat as an alternative close combat weapon. Inquisitor Bartholomew had a habit of using his Book of Law in combat against heretics and the monsters of the Dark Legion, so he decided to request a copy meant to be used in battle. The Orders of Engineers and Scribes came together to create this unexpectedly effective and beautiful edition of the Book of Law. Every book is made with a metal reinforced structure, sockets for blessed spikes that come with the book and can be attached and removed for convenience, reinforced clasps to keep the book from flapping about, thick liquid resistant pages with gilded edges and silk bookmarks. After receiving his copy, Bartholomew requested to Cardinal Randolph Petrus that an edited for public edition of his Book of Law be made available to public consumers and created on demand, which was accepted. All orders come with a complimentary standard Book of Law and free shipping and handling.

Restriction: 3

Cost: 8

Range: -

Damage: 1+3

Mode: -

Encumbrance: 2

Size: Unbalanced

Reliability: 5

Qualities: Armor Piercing 1, Parry 1, Pious 1, Stun


Ayabe Rifle (Mishima)

Description: While many samurai focus on melee combat that use firearms as a means to suppress to get in close and engage in close combat, there are some that would rather keep their distance, for whatever reason they have chosen. For such samurai, the typical firearms for sale are of an unsuitable quality for them, that’s where high quality weapons such as the Ayabe Rifle come in. As a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) it’s more effective in urban environments than a sniper rifle, while retaining deadly accuracy, but having the rate of fire of an assault rifle when necessary. Instead of the usual grenade launcher found on most rifles, Ayabe Rifles have a special underbarrel shotgun, the Raijin, which fires small electrically charged gel flechettes that are meant to stun and deal as little permanent damage as possible. Part of this is because of the duels that happen between samurai with Ayabes, the de facto weapon for rifle duels, but also because it’s meant to be used as a backup in the battlefield that can be used to capture combatants. Samurai with Ayabes usually support from a defensive position, such as a building, and when a flank occurs they need an effective close quarter weapon to engage with. In order to keep the rifle in the hands of samurai as much as possible, Ayabe Rifles are subject to artificial scarcity for anybody that’s not a samurai, so as to keep them from anyone that’s not a samurai or willing to pay exorbitant fees to get one, usually collectors. An Ayabe Rifle comes with an integral telescopic sight and bipod. A Samurai that gets a No.1 Shogun as part of their Lifepath can take an Ayabe Rifle instead.

Restriction: 4 (3 for samurai)

Cost: 15 (10 for samurai)

Range: M

Damage: 1+5

Mode: Burst

Encumbrance: 6

Size: 2-H

Reliability: 3

Qualities: Armor Piercing 1, Unforgiving 1, Dependable

Dependable: When making a Ranged Weapons test to fire this weapon, you may ignore the first Repercussion rolled.

Raijin Underbarrel Shotgun

Reload Restriction: 2

Reload Cost: 3

Range: C

Damage: 1+5

Mode: Munition

Size: Unbalanced

Reliability: 3

Qualities: Knockdown, Non-lethal, Stun

Ilian Gift

The Silence of the Void

Difficulty: 2+

Action: Standard

Target: Self

Duration: Concentration

Base Effect: The Heretic uses Ilian’s Pattern to create numerous microscopic portals connected to the Heretic. They are invisible to the human eye, and lead to a dimension that absorbs all sound waves near the portals for as long as the Heretic can concentrate on channeling Ilian’s Pattern to keep the portals open. At base Difficulty the portals extends only to the Zone the Heretic is in, but every Difficulty increase extends the portals to be within Medium, Large and then Extreme Range.

Bleed: For 2 Momentum/DSP more portals are created in the area and those extra portals become a permanent part of the area that the Gift was invoked in and continue to exist in the area until they are exorcised. After the Bleed is applied, the zone(s) that the Gift was casted in are subject to the Base Effect for 1 hour or until the scene ends (whichever is longer), but they’re not gone forever once the time runs out, they’re just closed until they are reopened, which means that another bearer of this Gift can reopen the portals for 4 rounds (+2 per Momentum) with a D1 Mysticism Test. The dormant portals can be exorcised with a D2 Mysticism Test.

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Semai Gift


Difficulty: 1+

Action: Standard

Target: One living creature within Close Range

Duration: 30 minutes

Base Effect: Using this Gift, the Heretic is able to choose one of the three key parts of a person’s personality and force the Target to make an important decision based on their Id (primal urges and instincts. Impulsive and irrational decisions. Pleasure seeking without consideration of consequences), their Ego (rational decision making without primality and morality. Seeks pleasure with consideration of outcomes that harm self. Can take longer to make a decision than the Id or Superego), or their Superego (morality that’s been socially learned and otherwise. Their conscience and ideals) within 30 minutes of the invocation. In order for the target to make their own decision, they must pass a Willpower Test equal to the Gift’s Difficulty, but this does not end the power and if they must make more important decisions they must continue making Tests until they fail or 30 minutes have passed. It’s easier to ensure a person stays within character with this Gift, so if using this gift to force a person who consistently makes decisions with their Id to make an Id decision with this Gift, it results in a free point of DSP/Momentum for the use of this Gift no matter the circumstances for when this Gift is used.

Bleed: for every 1 Momentum/DSP spent, a small bundle of Dark Symmetry is planted in the victim and a person within Close Range (decided by the Heretic if they can see the recipient, randomly if not) of the decision maker will be accepting of the victim’s decision as the Symmetry leaves the victim and subtly warps the listener’s mind. This only lasts for 10 minutes, or ends if made aware.

Muawijhe Gift

Trip Down Memory Lane

Difficulty: 2+

Action: Standard

Target: 1 Creature within Close Range

Duration: Concentration or Difficulty in Rounds

Base Effect: Depending on the Duration used, this Gift has two different Base Effects. When the Round Duration is used, the Gift makes it so the Heretic can manipulate the victim’s memory of what happened within a Scene in the last 24 hours, making it so the Target will misremember an event that occurred within the 24 hours and will see the memory that’s been manipulated as the truth for the Duration. The higher the Difficulty, the more ridiculous the misremembering and manipulation can be. An example would be thinking a character’s gun that they picked up was a knife, or that their neighbor insulted them when they actually complimented them. However, the Target can break the false memory with outside assistance, such as somebody pointing out the truth continuously, prompting a Willpower Test with a Difficulty equal to that used for the Gift, and every subsequent Test reduces the Difficulty by 1.

The Concentration Duration (as well as being usable for the Round Duration Base Effect and making the Difficulty for breaking the Target’s false memory never lowers as long as Concentration is maintained) Base Effect makes the Target fall into a comatose state, falling Prone if they were standing, and be forced to relive any moment of their life with moderately terrifying alterations made by the Heretic. While comatose, the Target experiences this Gift in real time (a minute in the mind is also a minute outside of it) and every hour or Combat Round they must pass a Willpower Test with a Difficulty equal to the Gift’s Difficulty or suffer a Mental Assault. The Heretic can trigger the same test by spending 2 DSP. It is encouraged in some capacity to narrate the memories being altered.

Bleed: If 2 DSP/Momentum is spent the Target will have a hard time remembering if the memory they’ve experienced is the truth after the Duration has expired (this bleed effect is essentially wasted if the target was helped to realize the truth before the Duration expires), making them confused and easily manipulated. This applies to the Round Base Effect as making them Dazed for an amount of Rounds equal to the Difficulty of the Gift after the Base Effect expires, and any Persuade Tests gain 1 bonus Momentum if they are related to their manipulated memory until the end of the Scene. If they’ve experienced multiple relivings of their memories from the Concentration Base Effect, the DSP cost is increased to 3, but they are Staggered and Dazed for as much time as they were subjected to the Gift and Persuade Tests gain bonus Momentum equal to how many times a specific altered memory was repeated and this lasts until they can determine which memory is the truth.

Plasma Cutter (Cybertronic)

Description: Using the same magnetic containment technology found in the PR4000, Cybertronic creates a handheld cutting/welding tool that spits out a small stream of plasma, making it the most effective of it’s kind. The Cutter is capable of reliably sending the plasma stream out a foot, any further and it loses effectiveness, and the nozzle can be adjusted to thicken, thin or widen the stream as desired. The Cutter can be used for 30 minutes of continuous use before needing a replacement canister of plasma. Thanks to the contained nature of it’s design, the Plasma Cutter is capable of use in any environment, be it underwater or in space, and is deceptively quiet. When using the Plasma Cutter, the character reduces the Difficulty of any test made to cut or weld with the Plasma Cutter by 3 and gives 2 bonus Momentum that must be used on reducing time spent on the Test.

Load: -

Encumbrance: 1

Reliability: C

Restriction: 4

Cost: 10

Maintenance: 2