Looking for developer to take over the online character tool

As my available time for working with the online tools has diminished slowly over the years, and now getting to near impossible constraints, I would love it if someone could take over the development of the online tools (Star Trek, Infinity, Conan and Mutant Chronicles).

Knowledge needed: Typescript + React + HTML5 + CSS3


I’ve spread you request to some friends of mine that might be interested

Hmm. I had been planning to create a small D&D Beyond-style desktop/web character creation app for Star Trek Adventures, alongside my implementation for Foundry VTT. However, I don’t have the resources to work on all of the 2d20 games, and I’m not sure as to the legality of that.

Have you considered to release the code to the public, e.g. on github/gitlab/sourceforge/…?

I have no idea on the licensing implications, but open source development might ease development. :slight_smile:


That is not a bad idea actually.


Are the different online tools based on a shared codebase?

I’d be willing to help out, but I only ever really use the Trek tool. I’m a full-stack developer, professionally, and while I’m probably better with back-ends than the front-end tech that you list, above, I’ve used all of those tools on projects.


As the developer for several 2d20 rulesets for Fantasy Grounds, its our intention to stand up character generators for Conan, Star Trek, John Carter, and others.

We were planning on building some sort of interface to the existing gens, but that never panned out.

Perhaps we can work something out.

Steve Albany
Nerd Eye Industries, LLC.

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Web Nerd here. I would be happy to help out.

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Web developer by day.

Conan: https://github.com/azjerei/Conan2d20
Conan is only missing the Kull source material.

Infinity: https://github.com/azjerei/Infinity2d20
Infinity is missing a lot…

Star Trek: https://github.com/azjerei/StarTrek2d20
Not sure if anything is missing per se.

Don’t mind the dirty code. Made these from the same template which was created before I got the hand of React and Typescript :wink:


Will you release the code for MC3 too ?

Yes, but ran out of time yesterday.

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So I’ve taken a look at the Infinity character generator because it needs the most work, I think I’ve implemented the Youth and Adolescence events for ALEPH, but I’m a coding novice so I’mma need all the help I can get :slight_smile: . If people’d like to lend a hand Shoot me a friend request on Discord (@LadyLuck#2596 ) and we’ll see what we can cook up :stuck_out_tongue:


Added you :slight_smile:

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I’d be interested in helping support this project. I’m a React developer and familiar with Typescript (we use JavaScript at work but there’s a movement to switch). I don’t think I make the best looking interfaces but more practice would probably be good for me :smiley: