Long-Fuse Dynamite Timing

My group has some confusion over the timing of Long-Fuse Dynamite, NCR Emergency Radio, and other items that refer to “end of the next round”

When an item refers to the end of the next round, does it mean the next time a round ends, or is it referring to the end of the subsequent round, after the current one.

Example: If I throw Long-Fuse Dynamite during Round 1, will it detonate at the end of Round 1 or Round 2?


‘Next’ in this context refers to the following or subsequent round after the current round. If a rule referred to the next time a round ended, it would say something like ‘at the end of the round’ as the current round is not following anything. It is currently happening.

In your example, the Long-Fuse Dynamite would detonate at the end of Round 2. This is because Round 2 is the ‘next round’ following the round in which the explosive was set (Round 1).