New Vegas campaign, first scenario Smoke on the water

What is the exact timing for the “structures and On fire rule”?
You resolve each structure at the end of each round, so if there are 4, imagine you resolve the first one (A), and imagine it receives 3 points of damage, so it spreads hot embers on each other structure when you roll a blast, and imagine there is one (C) wich has 2 on fire tokens, you roll a blast, and gets the 3rd token, so when that structure (C) is going to suffer the damage after A and B structures resolve, it is going to happen another roll for spreading hot embers, is it right? This seem OP for the Legion player, he could chain a lot of on fire tokens, or is it resolved at the same time, and then, you revolve the roll for spreading embers, so the on fire tokens received at the end of the round don’t count towards the damage of that round?
Edited: I forgot to ask about collapsed structures, could you get more than 10 damage counters? My case was the structure had 8 counters and received 5 damages (it had 5 on fire tokens), do you get 13 and collapses (I played as not, 10 max)? do you roll for embers (I played rolling for it)?
Edited: By the way, there are 2 little mistakes in the 2nd scenario, in the curated Wasteland list, it has a melee weapon in blank (it seems either a forgotten card or a wild card, not a problem) and the grenade launcher has a heavy weapon icon (it should be rifle as the weapon card)

Hey there @DK-dark,

  • Regarding Smoke on the Water, you would resolve all the fire tokens first and then resolve the Spreading Embers. As it says in the scenario rules, the structures collapse at ten damage meaning you couldn’t get any more than ten damage on one of them. If you had a situation where you would deal an amount of damage taking it to over ten damage, you would allocate damage to the building until it reaches ten. In your example, the structure would go from eight damage to ten damage. The structure would collapse. At the points it suffers the damage, embers would not trigger because it only suffered two damage as it caps out at ten damage.
  • I’m unsure if I understand the issues with the Curated Wasteland list for scenario two. Could you possibly go into a bit more detail or provide a picture of the section of the scenario you are looking at?

Thanks for that!

  • Good spot on that Grenade Launcher. I’ll get that added to an errata list.
  • The missing melee weapon is a Rebar Club. We’ll get that in an errata.