Limit to the number of Foci?

Is there a limit in the rules, to the limit of foci one can have?

Since the limits of Attributes, Systems and Disciplines are set out on p. 140 (character advancement/milestones) but not for foci and since there specifically is a limit set for a ship’s talents after the option for additional foci and talents has been introduced for characters – I’d say: No, there is no limit in the rules on foci. This reading of the rules also applies to Values and Talents (the latter only regarding characters, there actually is a talent limit for ships).

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Is foci actually the correct english plural? I know that it’s correct with respect to the latin source of the word, but I would intiutively have used focuses. Please don’t get me wrong, this is not meant to be smart-arsing but a serious question of a non-native speaker. Thanks and sorry for the off-topic.

Coming out of character generation, PCs have a total of six Focuses. Over the course of the campaign, they may gain additional Focuses depending on how many arc milestones they receive (an arc milestone being the only way they can gain additional Focuses).

Note that earning a normal Milestone gives a PC the option of swapping one Focus for another, though their total number of Focuses would remain at 6.

Plural of focus can be either focuses or foci. Foci tends to be used more in scientific writing.

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Yes, it is plural for focus. “The heart was showing ectopic foci.”

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