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Player Ship Arc Milestone Talent limit

If the players use an Ship Arc Milestone to select their one time new Talent for their ship, is this new talent constrained by the normal limit on number of talents for their ship’s size? Example - a Galaxy Class ship Size 6 with six existing talents gets an Arc after a long campaign. The crew want to add a 7th Ship Talent for their “once” new talent. Are they forced to swap out an old one and stay at six total? Or is their experienced player ship an exception to the standard limit?

The text on p.140 reads (emphasis mine):

Select one additional Talent for the ship; this option may be selected only once for the ship.

I read “additional” to mean “in addition to the ship’s normal number of Talents.” So yes, this is an exception to the normal limit.

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Yes, a ship talent bought with an Arc milestone is on top of the ship’s normal allowance of Talents.