How does the Redundant Systems starship talent work?

When I first looked at it, I thought that “Nominate a single system” was done at the time the talent was selected. This means that a ship would have something like Redundant Systems (Engines) or Redundant Systems (Computers) and the talent could only be used once per adventure.

Now I’m no longer entirely sure about that, especially as ships with Redundant Systems, like the Galaxy class, don’t designate a system with the talent.

Is the “Nominate a single system” done when the talent is activated, thus allowing it to be used once per adventure per system (so up to six uses per adventure, but never twice on a single system)?

I’ve always taken it to mean the way you initially interpreted it to be what was intended. I figured that the named ships that have it but don’t specifically say which system is selected were made that way so the players (if on a playable Enterprise D for example) or GM (if an NPC galaxy class) could pick the one they wanted to go with.
That being said, it would make the talent much more useful if it was the other way, as it never seemed a very appealing option to me the other way.

I don’t think it’s 100% clear from the text, but the intent is that the group would take the spaceframe, for example, the Galaxy class, and make the necessary additions and adjustments to the talents listed when building their ship. So for Galaxy, you’d select the redundant system your GM or group wants to be redundant. Not all Galaxy class ships will have the same redundant system, which is why there isn’t one listed in the spaceframe stat block.

So you’re saying that my initial reading of the talent is correct? It’s fixed to one system when the talent is selected and it can thus be used (at most) once per adventure, right?

“Once per adventure” like it says in the CRB. If a given session=one adventure, cool. Some adventures span more than one game session.

I think it’s similar to e.g. the Dedicated Personnel talent. The Olympic class for example has the Talent Dedicated Personnel (Medical). This seems to imply that you choose the System/Department when you pick the Talent, then it is fixed.

I guess they just missed to put down the System in the Galaxy class spaceframe. I would interpret it that the crew chooses a System when the ship is created.

Piggybacking on this thread, how does this talent work for secondary systems? I always thought that this talent only works with primary systems, i.e. Communications, Computers, Engines, Sensors, Structure, and Weapons. But the Utopia Planitia book has several occurrences where this talent applies to secondary systems:

  • Propulsion (Prometheus class)
  • Warp Engines (Cardenas class)
  • Life Support (Hiawatha class)

How does that work? These systems cannot be Damaged or Disabled.

We’re working on an errata file. If you don’t want to leave them as is for roleplaying purposes, replace them with engines, engines, and structure, respectively.


Ah OK thanks. I didn’t realize these were errors :+1: