How many Talents for a Nebula-class?

It should have 5 talents, but the section on the pod says that the pod (which gives 2 Talents) can switched out as a single Talent. So does it get the saucer separation along with the pod plus three more Talents, or saucer separation along with the pod plus two more Talents?

No matter what pod it has, it has the Saucer Separation because of the Nebula base. As for the pods, it says “Every Nebula-class starship is fitted with a single Mission Pod, chosen from the list below. The Talents provided by the pod may not be swapped out normally, but the entire mission pod (and all of its benefits) may be swapped out as if it were a single Talent.”

Normally you can switch out ship talents with an Arc Milestone, so you could switch out the Saucer Separation for a different talent. However, you can not switch out a single one of the talents provided by the mission pod. If you want to switch out either of the two talents, you have to switch out the entire pod.

So total talents: Saucer Separation, Pod Talent 1, Pod Talent 2, Mission Profile Talent, Free Chosen talent.

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Thank you. That clears that up nicely.