Nebula Class Missing Department Bonys

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Nebula has Engineering +2 but not +1 bonus elsewhere, where should it be ?

Either it’s an error (are there any errata?) or there is no third point in departments to balance out the mission pods. :slight_smile:

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That’s by design. Look at the sidebar. The Nebula class can choose one of three Mission Pods which gives +2 to System and +1 to Department, that’s where the missing +1 is hiding.


See, I even looked up the pods because that was my first idea and I still missed it and mistook department bonuses for system bonuses. I shall not read rules when I’m tired. /o
Thanks! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot too :slight_smile:

I continue to hope that they plan to put out the other modules that they detailed in that sidebar, and possibly alternate module configurations for the Miranda and Luna classes too.

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Agreed. However, until they do, you could always try to come up with packages yourself, or as I am about to do in my campaign (not that we have seen any of those classes in it yet) is make the Nebula mission Pods work for the other 2 classes. Subtract 1 of the profile bonuses for Disciplines, and toss on the pods. (-1 to Command, Science, or Conn for Miranda; -1 engineering for the Luna, maybe also remove the Advanced Research Facilities unless the crew specifically adds them to cover the addition of the pods.)