Alternative character progression rules

I’m a little confused by the alternative rules for character progressions that uses glory, etc. To compare to a normal task:

I answer the questions, and for every positive one, I increase the number of d20s I roll, and every negative one increases the difficulty level. My reputation plus 7 is the target. Number of successes minus the difficulty is the amount of glory (in a normal task, this would be the momentum generated).

To “purchase” a promotion, it’s three glory.

Is that right? It just seemed to generate a lot of glory when we tried it last session, given that a promotion is only three glory?

At most you roll7d20 diff 0 with 12 (7+status) crit between 3-5
You can expect between 0-14 points
The things you can buy:

  • medals
  • contacts
  • Traits for your players (not a modification of skills just circonstential advantages or disadvantages like your race trait)
    It will not imbalance the game, it’s mostly flavor Having gained the Empathy with living rock trait just reminds you what you have done
    The main difference is with “if it remind you something that you have done previously you gain a determination regular augmentation at the end”
    With a group very attentive you can upgrade with each scenario
    I’ve done this and they grow fast but it’s manageable.
    Most of the time me as a GM declares “it’s reminds you scenario X,” and they all benefit from it, I tend to narrow the category a bit like you can gain focus X from the scenario, or this talent because of what you have done.

Ok thanks. It just seemed very fast compared to the other rules and for the show, so I wanted to ensure we were playing it right.