XP limits in the book

I am trying to collect the advancement limits from the core book. I am still missing the limits, if there are any, for Foci and Talents’? Did anyone found any?

  • Drive: fixed, special rules
  • Skill: each skill once, p. 139
  • Focus: ???
  • Asset: max. 5 permanent, p. 192
  • Talent: ???
  • Determination max. 3 points p. 157
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Yup, you are right on those.
There is no specific limit for how many focuses and talents you can take.
You might even allow higher skill levels if you want to.
The assets limit is also something the GM might choose to increase depending on their campaign.

Essentially the limits in the book are ‘good working averages’ rather than hard limits.

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Thank you very much for your answers. Very helpful!

Assets are not only great fun, but great XP sinks, which players love to use. I could imagine a whole concept / system for noble houses around asstes.


I have a related question. How much XP/development point should characters get for an average adventure and average growth? As length suppose an adventure like Desertfall.

How fast players advance depends heavily on the campaign me thinks, and how fast the GM and players want to advance.
A harsh campaign will result advancement points quickly due to failures and difficult tests being common, though easier campaign makes achieving ambitions easier.

An asset costs 3 points, skills start at 10, first new talent would be 9 points. Don’t think one should be able to get a new skill every session/adventure. A new asset? Probably OK.
A gut feeling would peg amount of advancements to maybe 4 per session/adventure. That is based on how i figure my existing group might do in Dune and how i think i’d run a campaign. Might be a bit more.

EDIT We tend to play longish sessions, figure we’d fit Desertfall into one session. Longer adventures would provide more points naturally.

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I would lean towards about 6xp an adventure. But given my adventures take between 2 and 8 sessions I suspect I am on the slow end of the scale.

Also I moved to Dune from STA where xp isn’t really a thing in the core book (I think they gave options in a later supplement). So I’ve never really felt the need to hand out much xp.

I’ll probably give a chunk more after the current break in my campaign when I move matters on a couple of years in game.