Dune: Ages of the Imperium - Leveling Guide

Hi All,
New to Dune’s format of play and had some questions to make sure I am understanding “leveling” in this series.

Can someone confirm that there is no official way to “level up” and raise your base skill and drive stats?
Leveling instead focuses on the concept of improving your character or houses abilities that comes from gathering higher quality assets and creating new traits?

For example, a starter campaign might see characters with a couple zero quality assets. And maybe after a few years of gameplay they would have a few level 4 quality assets and a single 5 quality asset? Essentially the way you level up is by getting better gear and building traits that work with your play style?

But the overall drive and skill stats do not have any way of increasing?

Dune has a simplified form of Advancement, mainly as your characters are quite powerful to start with.

Pg 139 in the core book has the details, but essentially you have the following options:

  • Increase a Skill
  • Purchase a Focus
  • Purchase a Talent
  • Create a permanent Asset or improve one (Note the errata altered the cost from 3x to 2x and you can have a maximum of 3 without taking the Specialist Talent)

You can also retrain and move points around slowly to show your characters focus changing over time.

Drive stats can’t be altered per the rules, but that didn’t stop me giving my players an extra Drive point for the second season of my campaign.


Thank you! Perfect info

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