Assets Questions

Hi all,

So, here we are getting ready to play Dune. We are all pretty avid Dune fans (and avid Modiphius players) and we have some questions.

Player starting assets: Do these all start at Quality 0? If so, how does my Fremen player have a Quality 0 crysknife? The rules are specific that crysknives are always at least Quality 1. Are starting assets supposed to be speacial, or “just to start you off” type things?

Asset Requirement: I understand that having an asset obviously makes engaging in a Challenge either 1) easier, or 2) possible. However, does that mean that my Fremen player, who has no social assets, will not be able to engage in Social Challenges? Actually, I think I know this one but I’m looking for other points of view.

Thanks for any input I can get.

The comment he just made to me is: “Wait, does that mean someone who creates a knife as an asset has the same Quality as me?” A fair question, though I pointed out that a steak knife would not have “Sacred”. However, he has an interesting point.

Yup, cry’s knives are usually a step up.
So you could give that player one less starting asset to have the crysknife at quality 1.
But you are right, such a knife will have many other aspects to it than just fighting.

For question 2, it depends on the situation.
In the same way that you can fight unarmed, you can take on a social challenge just talking.
So not every conflict requires an asset, whether you do need an asset in a situation depends on the situation and how you approach it.