What’s the quality for a starting character’s assets?

What’s the quality for a starting character’s assets?

I assume they start at quality 0, and you’d need to advance them up from there (with the possible exception of ubiquitous items like knives and shields, which a sidebar implies can start at Quantity 1–letting a starting character own a chris knife).

So, if you wanted elite troops, you’d need to start with raw conscripts and train them up through advancement?

I’ve allowed quality 2-3 assets to the players, not sure if that won’t be too much so far, but why not.
A player also chose Elite Troops, but at quality 0 I don’t see how they can be that elite… I may miss something.

RAW all assets start at 0, with some exceptions like Crysknives.
If you create an asset you have the option of boosting it’s quality by 1 temporarily by spending some momentum. I have ruled that my players can do that for the assets they already control.

As long as you are even in how you to distribute the assets I don’t see a problem with letting players take higher quality assets at start. You will need to adjust their opponents to match but as long as everyone is having fun then that is all that matters.