"Expected" Advancement Points per session

So, like it says. How many points are “expected” per session? Basically, we’ve played three sessions already and I keep forgetting about it, frankly. How many points should I give my players (we’re doing a short story arc, which will wrap up tomorrow). Ideas? I’d like to give enough that they feel they’ve done something and got to make their character better, without it being “And now we shall steamroll everything we see”. I was thinking a blanket 10 points? Or not? 20? Too much?

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I tend to skip the advancement points.
When my players created new characters for the second season of my game I gave them an advancement package. (+1 Attribute, skill and talent)

For a more regular advancement where players have more choice look at how much each advancement costs.
So +1 skill point is going to cost 10AP.
A talent will be 9AP.
And a new focus is 4AP.
Costs go up for multiples.

10AP will allow one of these (or two focuses), 15AP is one of these and a Focus and 20 AP is both a skill point and a talent (But not two of one of them)

None of these should make characters steam rollers. I’m still watching the bodyguard get beaten up in fights with more boosts.

Depending on how long you intend the game to carry on for I would suggest either 10 or 15 AP.
That allows a skill or talent and for the 15 either a focus or to save in the hope of getting another one next time.
That works out at 3-5 AP per session.

As a side note I am not a fan of individual experience awards. In general I apply it to the whole party, whether a player has been present or not.
Largely from how I learnt as a GM and partially as I view the party as a single group, rather than a group of individuals.
Just my personal preference though.

Yup, its very much yup to the group about speed of advancement.
Mainly as your characters start quite ‘high level’ so extra XP shouldn’t be that important as they are pretty near the top anyway.
Its a game you could just never give out XP and keep things as they are, but your players are unlikely to like that option :slight_smile: