Determination - how many can you use

The guide book is not clear on how many determination you can use in a turn if you can earn up to 3 and the gm gives you an extremely high difficulty say a 7. If you have been playing well and have earned 3 determination can you lay them all down to get 3 critical successes in an applicable discipline and focus giving a total of 6 successes and therefore is it possible to reach the 7 successes needed as long as your dice rolls succeed

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Gamemasters should almost never be handing out Difficulties higher than 5. Rulebook notes that in extreme cases it can go higher, but that should be an exceptional circumstance, like maybe 1x a season or something.

As for how many Determination you can use at once, CRB page 87:

Whenever a character is attempting a Task for which one of their Values would be advantageous, they may spend one point of Determination. (emphasis added)

Using and gaining Determination is tied to a character’s Values and to the mission’s Directives. Hope that helps.


If you have more than one value that applies then is that applicable to apply other points per value

I’d say no, but this is, as always subject to GM’s discretion. :slight_smile:

No. The Core book says on page 87 under the Using Values section (at the very end):
In either case, only one Value can be applied to a given Task or situation at once, except when that Value is challenged.

You can only use 1 value at a time, regardless of how many apply, and can only use one point of Determination.

There is an exception to that, however: you may challenge a value to replace it later and gain a point of Determination, then immediately spend it for one of the 4 options to give your character a bonus if you have two conflicting values that could apply to a situation.


so of i am getting this right. If you have a conflicting value you challenge and a value to use you can challenge the conflicting 1 for a determination and then use an applied value for another? Is there a reference page where I can find that in one of the books. It would be very helpful

Core Book pg. 87 - right hand column, “Challenging Values”.

Thank you!