Use of Determination and Values

Hi All. I was wondering, as GMs, how often you all invoke characters values and offer Determination in a single game. What, would you say, is a normal amount? I know it could have more to do with the story and how closely it happens to fit in with the groups combined list of values, but I often find it hard to keep track of player character values and when to bring them into a game session. I think I may be short changing my players of the Determ/Val point economy. Thoughts?

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It varies for me; mostly upon how the players are playing.

Normal for me runs about 1-2 per hour of session, but I’m open to more should players provide reasons. Peak was about 6 in an hour with 4 players. Slow session is none…

If it feels right, give the award. Don’t worry about normal, worry about encouraging the kind of play you want to see.