Question about support characters Determination

I used to give 1 determination point to my support characters once they have one value.
But now there’s a talent in the players guide that does that (and also remove the cost)
I can’t find a rule if you don’t have the Talent above.
Any help?

I didn’t think supporting characters had determination!

My understanding was that once they had a value they could earn it - then they can spend it the same way as a main character.


@Astronut is correct

Per pg 87 Core Rulebook - “Player Characters begin each session with a single point of Determination, and no character can have more than three points of Determination at any time. Using and gaining Determination is tied to a character’s Values, and to the Directives in play during a mission.”

Player Characters start a session with a determination and both Player and Supporting Characters can earn it through Values and Directives