Jakesys mini collection (now with eye tutorial!)

Thought I’d share some pics of my minis here.
First thing first though, I’m about to go to work so can only upload one group pic atm. I’ll put some more single detailed pics up during the week. Hope that’s ok.


Looks like you’ve been busy painting! Looking really good.

And is that a Liberty Prime I see on the next shelf down?

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That’s a good looking collection! Look forward to seeing the individual pics when you can post them up :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ll put more up during the week. But I can say that there are four shelves in total.

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All of it looks great, but the Police Car has to be my favorite!


Seconded, the rust on that corvega is really well done!

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Thirded, it really is fantastic! :hushed:

Although, the rest of the painting is also great don’t want to forget that :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ll put more up as the week goes on.
The corvega was quite fun to paint as it’s a bit different from most of the scenery I’ve done.
And some of those pics are a bit old (as in unfinished) so I’ll put new ones up of them.


Great job! I’ll fourth, The police Corvega is awesome. I like what you did with the panel lines on the Vertibird too.

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Because the police car seems to be popular i thought you might appreciate some more angles


Few more group pics. If anyone want close ups/more detailed shots of a certain model please let me know and I’ll try to upload them.


Liberty Prime looks hugely impressive!

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Thanks. He is a great centre piece of the battlefield. Hope modiphius release some play rules in the future. Would love to use him in a battle.

I’m under the impression that Liberty Prime’s rules will be part of Wave 3.

Looks like you’re in for one of everything for the game. An impressive collection, and the fact you have it all painted is amazing.

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That Police car should have a big 54 on it

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Today’s latest model. I’m thinking of using the spare heads for a how to paint eyes tutorial if I get enough people wanting one.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Better photo. Also finished Dogmeat.
Really loving the enclave power armour and am excited for the future.


Ok here’s my eye tutorial
Sorry about the pic quality
Step 1

Step 2 over paint the eye area white.
Step 3 black line down the centre.