Items vanishing from the marketplace?

Anyone else notice that several items have vanished from the marketplace over the last month or two? The solo Corvega Sedan, the Red Rocket, the Protectron/Eyebot pack, most of the terrain sets (Barrels, desk w/computers, terminals), and most of the creatures (Radscorpions, Radroaches, Ghouls.)

Does anyone know what’s going on? Are they just removing them temporarily during their stock shortage? Or are they discontinued? Or is something else going on with those items?

I kind of hope that they’re just removing things temporarily until they can build up their stock again, then they’ll post them again when they’re back on hand.

I actually noticed it quite a while ago, but it wasn’t until I was getting ready to look up their version of the Corvega Sedan that I for a sort of reference for my own that the missing items really started to stand out to me.

My guess (and this is just a guess) is that things cropping up during production are making them reconsider how they’re packing items/what things they’re putting in which sets.

Normally when doing something like this, you’d make estimates for the time and materials costs of each item, but then also add data from the first couple of production runs to be able to sort out what things you want to pack together (as that affects the quantities you’ll have to make and how much you charge for them). However, because Modiphius did a pre-order, they had only the estimates to go on, and as we know there were a number of unexpected issues that cropped up when it came to actually mass producing things.

I personally hope they go back to doing some of the smaller sets (I’ve already got a deathclaw and ghouls, and there’s no way I can’t afford to buy two full creature sets just to get two radscorpions), but it might be that they’re reorganising the sets before they officially end the pre-order in order to help with production/costs.

I agree completely. I have more Deathclaws and Radroaches than I’ll ever use, but I’d like some more Ghouls and Radscorpions. I have more Assaultrons than I’ll ever use, and as many Sentry Bots as I ever expect to use, but I’d love a couple more Mr Handy models. I know there was talk at one point about selling models individually outside of the bundles, so maybe this is a step toward that? Doesn’t explain the Red Rocket though.

Guess time will tell, but maybe we’ll get lucky and someone from Modiphius will weigh in with an official answer?

I noticed it as well. I just assumed they temporarily halted selling the smaller sets in favor of filling pre-orders for the larger sets. I would guess that once all the pre-orders are filled and they build up enough surplus stock, that they will go back to offering the smaller sets and hopefully individual models at some point.

You’re right that the Red Rocket set is weird, though. I would have guessed that like above, they are focusing on filling pre-orders so they’re not taking any more orders, but I still see it for sale and in stock regularly on several other sites (though surprisingly, not on Battle Systems’ own site). The play mat that comes with it confuses me more. While the set isn’t listed currently, the mat still is even though it’s marked “sold out”.

However, now that I think about it, it could be a production issue with the resin rocket and pumps that is holding that one back.

Maybe @Modiphius-SteveH could shed some light on this?

It’s a combination of a couple of things. Many of the items were pulled to alliw us to build up stock ( many of the items were sold out.) Additionally, single blister items are being repackaged to be better suited for brick and mortar store sales. Everything will be back in one way or another.


That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear!

About that, I ordered a kit that’s no longer in the store, the one that had the Eyebot and Protectron in it. But I got 2 Protectrons and no Eyebots. Being as the set isn’t listed in the store anymore I’m not sure if I am missing just an Eyebot, or if I got an extra Protectron instead of the Eyebot. I got the cards for both robot types, but only models for the Protectrons. Was the kit 2 Protectrons and an Eyebot, or just one of each?

Should be two Protectrons and an Eyebot in that set.

I was looking at that lot as well. Kind of wanted the Protectrons, but didn’t feel the need for another Eyebot.

Send support a message, when I was shorted a couple of items, they were really good about getting the issue resolved.

Hay, tell and they’ll get you fixed up.