Is Charging considered an Attack?

For the purposes of Marcus’ Last Resort or the Nightkin’s Prowl ability (or anything else that goes off of an attack), does taking a Charge action count as an attack? Or is it only if you use one of the specific attack actions? RAW I would assume that it has to be an attack action, but charging is a pretty aggressive action, and it seems a bit odd that a Nightkin would charge someone but still be protected by their stealth boy effect.

Hi AChapin,

An Action: Charge does not count as an Attack Action. The three actions considered to be Attack Actions are; Action: Close Combat, Action: Shoot or an Action: Throw. An Action: Charge is considered a movement action with increased range, that stipulates that the charging model must enter into base-to-base contact with an enemy model.

In the case of the Nightkin model, they would lose their Stealth Boy ability only if they make an attack (Action: Throw, Action: Shoot, Action: Close Combat) but will keep the effects if they make an Action: Charge.

Marcus’ Last Resort ability means that a model from the opposing Force has to perform an attack action (Action: Throw, Action: Shoot, Action: Close Combat) before Marcus can perform any attack actions.

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If the Action: Charge is a movement action with increased range, does that mean any card regarding movement has any effect on the charge? Like a card saying increase your movement by one colour

Thanks for the confirmation!

Hey @DK-dark

Could you give us a few examples of these cards to help us provide you with an accurate answer?