Move/Charge, movement

@Modiphius-Dom I thought I had submitted the answer in the previous topic and now is closed :sweat_smile: , sorry .
Well, there cards wich sometimes they say “Move is one color longer”, like Optimized Servos or Conditioning: Lean, but cards like Servo Boost says “Charge is one length longer”, so I would suppose when you say Move it refers to the normal movement, and Charge just the charge length… But there are cards like Move On wich says “perform a Move (not a Charge)”, specifying the words; and Sprint, wich says “increase movement by one color”, here I would suppose it increases Move and Charge, right? There are cards (I don’t remember now) wich say movement, others say move… But when you put brackets in one, it is like you need to read it on the other cards always if you want to know they are different. And if you say Charge is a like Move it is like you need to read Charge when it is only a Charge, and Mover would include both (except the case witch brackets).
So I would like to know the actual nomenclature you use when you want to increase/decrease Move, Charge or both.

Hey @DK-dark

So regardless of the nomenclature used or the stat the rule is referring to (be it Move or Charge), the effect is the same - the distance of that movement is increased by the color/ruler/distance amount in question.

In relation to your query in the prior thread, that means if a rule would increase the range ruler/color/distance of a Charge, it would make the model able to Charge further.

but I mean, for example, when the card says increase the movement, that would be Move and Charge lenghts?

Hey @DK-dark

In instances where a card (like the Sprint boost card) refers to ‘movement’, it applies to both Move and Charge as both are types of movement actions.