Why no concentrated close combat?

It struck me today when playing that it felt a bit weird that there was none? We have the charge, yes, but it still forces me to do a move first, which i might not want to?

I guess Close Combat Specialists got the Overrun to balance it out?

Close combat specialists get both charge and overrun instead, in my view more fitting than a concentrated version for close combat attacks (having that would be wierd for me :slight_smile: )

Follow up on charge, if I discard a DT-card for extra action, having just executed a charge, would extra attack also be considered a charge?

No, it does not. The charge is over.

The extra attack you gain from the Doomtrooper card does not add the bonus for the Charge, since that bonus only applies to an attack made directly after moving.

Thanks, yes it seems most logic.

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But using overrun and a DT Card? You move and make an attack. It’s not cumulative, but still the one extra dice for charge?

Sorry, I do not think Overrun counts as a Move action. I think Charge explicitly mentions a Move action.

They made pretty sure that it is not possible to do so.
Overrun states: “This is not considered a Move action.”
Charge states: “After a Close Combat Specialist ends a Move action adjacent to an enemy figure.”

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Overrun proved to be pretty useful at times, killing something and moving out of line of sight for firearms. Between that, Charge (regular move + attack), and potentially getting the Violator or different varieties involving the Violator, close combat specialists can get nasty.

Yep I’ve got Gallagher with a violator sword and the teleportal, and he is having a field day :slight_smile:

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