Why can you only take 1 single move action in a turn?

I was wondering the meta why characters, as per RAW, can only take 1 single move action (either sprint or move), even if they spend the AP.

I’m asking because I was wondering why fast characters such as dogs/mutant hounds don’t actually move faster than any other characters.

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My 2 cents… Because it would completely invalidate ranged weapons especially those with long or extreme.


I think of it as range being logarithmic. Close range is honestly pretty close. Like same half of a decently large room. Medium is like 30 feet away. Long range is more like a basketball court. Extreme range would be like one end of the seating behind the goalposts of a football stadium to the opposite bleachers on the other end of the field.

Nothing RAW about it, just how I feel about each range increment and why I see running even harder as not really making up the difference.

In the end though, I kinda feel like zone based distances make not having a map or only a very crude map for the party a little easier, but if you have a detailed map everyone can play on, converting to a homebrew range based system makes more sense.

I wish the book had both so the GM could use whichever fit the situation best, but it is what it is. Homebrew what you don’t like.