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Zones and abstract movement

Hello everyone,
It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood noob GM.
We’ve had this debate about Zones in the play.
some context:
A player wanted to stay behind a door and wait for the enemy to open so they could hit, but the way we’ve understood the game was that he couldn’t since the other side of the door was in another zone.
Am I understanding something wrong?

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If the GM defined the zones that way, unfortunately, such an attack is not possible, except by using a range weapon, as an adjacent zone is Medium range, so not even a thrown dagger would be able to attack without raised Difficulty.

Defining zones is not that hard, but some considerations apply regarding entrances, stairs etc.
If you use the strict zone rules, you cannot attack in close combat across a zone border.
But this is often simply stupid, unplausible, weird and not at all helpful for the flow of an action scene.

While you might declare zone borders at a door or an entrance, I would recommend treating this as a special case. The person opening the door or using an entrance is about to enter the adjacent zone. If you have another character with a readied action to attack the moment that happens, that would certainly be, when both are in the same zone and within Reach of the attacker’s weapon.

So as a GM you should allow that, although you defined a zone border right at the door.


Awesome, I agree 100% with you. This is what we ended up doing in the first place, we just wanted to be 100% sure that we play by the rules