Institute and Automatron Card Packs

I thought it best to give a heads up:

The Institute Wave Card Expansion Pack: This package clearly says that "The Mechanist: is among the cards on the back of the box. This is incorrect. Neither the Mechanist OR any of the cards related to that model’s AI setup are included in this box.

The Automatron Card Expansion Pack: This package has the Mechanist as well as all of this models supporting equipment.

While the distribution of cards makes sense, the fact that the Institute wave set comes with the model, and the box for the cards clearly states that the models cards should be present, this is not the case.

I personally ordered the Automatron cards at the same time as the Institute bundle, so it’s not a problem for me, but I thought others may appreciate the heads up. I know that I’d have been a little upset if I hadn’t picked up the second card bundle and not had the cards I needed to play it.


Good to know as I have not picked the Automatron card pack up yet (did not see it or even know it existed when I ordered the wave three stuff).