Improving a DIANA implant?

Could I use experience points to improve the attributes and skills of an DIANA implant?

My thoughts: the description of DIANA system states that it is considered to be a separate character, thus your character’s XP can’t be used to improve it.

Also a DIANA system is a computer - hardware and software. If your GM agrees you can buy upgrades (adding skill points) or even a reconfiguration (meaning you can redistribute the 12 skill points it has).

But knowing how many things a given skill can cover (just think about Education or Science in general) I assume that the system can’t hold more than 12 skill points because of storage space shortage or similar problems.

But in the end it’s your GM’s decision if you can do something like this or not.

I don’t think a DIANA is a learning system as such, more like a “teaching aid”, so you probably can’t. Depending on the GM, making the DIANA implant more self-aware… upping it’s Intelligence score and Awareness… hmm. Nothing wrong with that…

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Ok, thanks to you both!