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Having both a DIANA and a SARaH, and other questions

Hello everybody,
I was reading through the core manual and I have some clarifying questions to ask:
-It’s possible to have a DIANA and SARaH system simultaneously on the same character?

  • The titanium plates implants stack with other armor?
  • Are there any strict rules on crafting/modifying equipment (difficulty and cost of the tests for example)? I was unable to find much in the manual, it’s all left in the hands of the GM?
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The way I understand it, is that DIANA is an upgraded SARaH system, so no, but you can have more than one DIANA.

Titanium stack with all other armor.

As far as I know there are no explicit rules for crafting/modifying equipment. So each instance is up to the GM.

Are you sure about having more than one DIANA? From what i read a DIANA replace specific parts of your brain. It seems more plausible to me to have both a DIANA and a SARaH since the second one is an implant linked to your spinal column

Hmmm. Good question! I think having more than one DIANA would be difficult (how many people do you want in your head?) But it does look as if having separate DIANA and SARaH systems would be possible - the SARaH acting as your personal secretary and library, with the DIANA the helpful hitch-hiker in your head.

Diana is an upgraded Sarah. Both could be linked to compu-brain. But Sarah is just an Expert System, which can get control over the body, but could use movement action to bring the body to safe location. Where Diana is a true KI (or is AI more correct?), which exist within you.
Think of Sarah as first generation smartphone, but Diana as last generation smartphone. Sarah could help with targeting (remember Expect System), where Diana would not only help with targeting, but also could modify the records of any Gun-Cam (just in case you shoot anyone you shouldn’t shoot).
If you posses the Cybertronic sourcebook, page 77 should be your friend.

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