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Hypercorps Release?

I’ve seen in Modiphius’ main page that there’s a bunch of further supplements planned, but nothing on the release dates. Does anyone know when these will be released? Particularly looking forward to the Hypercorp Source Book, as it’s mentioned in the Mercenaries Source Book as the place to go for in depth Capital management mechanics.

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they usually update the production status on the project’s kickstarter, but unfortunately, since November they haven’t updated, the last update was as follows:

  • TAGs: Queued for layout.
  • Nebula of Mirrors: Editing is wrapping up.
  • O-12: The book has just passed approvals and editing will begin after Thanksgiving
  • Acheron Cascade: Writing is still in progress.
  • Hypercorps: The majority of the Hypercorps book has been written with only the campaigns chapter and the Hypercorporations chapter outstanding.
  • Ships of the Human Sphere: The book is about halfway written.
  • Technology of the Human Sphere: The manuscript is now underway.
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I have been waiting for so long for this book :sob:
We played our campaign for something like 2 years now and the campaign is nearing it’s end. Still no Hypercorps book in sight… :frowning:

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Here is the recent update
The Two Campaigns are Nebula of Mirrors and Acheron Cascade.

Acheron Cascade had its last comments returned to Gutier on Saturday. just waiting to hear that he’s happy. Nebula of Mirrors has outstanding art requirements but is text approved.

O-12 book is in editing, but the editor has had significant health issues.

Ships is in my sights next.

So in order of progress its

Shadow affairs getting set for print

TAGs in Layout

NoM edited and waiting on art

O12- in editing

Acheron Cascade in approvals (post comments)

Ships - some Dev work needed and 1 chapter in writing

Hypercorps - 1 very big chapter in writing

Technology - Ongoing chapters and Dev work needed



So good to hear!