How to paint Rusted metal

I am painting my raiders and I can’t get the look of the rusted metal. I can’t seem to get the look right. I have watched a lot on you tube but they don’t look like the box art. I really like that look but I can’t seem to get it. I think I don’t need to start with a metal base color like leadbelcher. what colors do you use to get rusted metal look like the box art?

I can do the GW, leadblecher, corrosion, then rysa rust but it just doesn’t look right.


Rust is often a combination of different shades of brown and orange… To get it quit realistic try to use random stippling of

Typhus Corrosion / another dark Brown
Doombull Brown
Mix of Doomull Brown and Orange

Repeat till it looks good. Also do a couple of washes with Agrax to even increase the effect :slight_smile:

Some examples of my results…

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I think they look pretty decent.

Love the little girl model in the batch, and the head swap on a couple of the raiders.

Something I saw done recently that I haven’t had a chance to try yet: I saw someone take a larger model (I suspect that smaller models wouldn’t work as well.) They started by painting it the brown shade they wanted the rust to appear as, then they sprinkled salt on it wherever they wanted the rust to appear and spraypainted the model the color they wanted it. Once it was dry, they used a toothbrush to knock away most of the salt to reveal the rusk color underneath. I thought it looked pretty nice and am thinking about trying the same with some of the vehicles in the future just to see if I can duplicate the effect. I doubt it would work well for anything smaller than power armor, or better yet a vehicle or terrain piece, but it looked like a pretty simple project when I skimmed the guide.

I tend to use a wet brush and put a small bit of Ryza rust on the area I want to look rusted and then when it dries use Sephia and then a earth brown washes over it. Find that works well.

It varies a little from model to model, depending on how rusty I want it. On my raiders I started with a layer of metal colour (Leadbelcher), but on my supermutants I just went straight for a rich dark brown (Mournfang Brown). I gave these a brown wash (Agrax Earthshade), then stippled some lighter browns (Skrag Brown) with a little orange (Fire Dragon Bright) mixed in for some spots. I then finished with some small chips done in a bright metal/silver colour. On my supermutants I then also applied a few small patches of greenish blue colours for a kind of oxidised/verdigris look :slight_smile:

Thanks for the color list that should help a lot. all the examples look good. I am just about to start some metal on the raiders so I will try and post images when I get a chance. thanks


I got to share Brandon’s tutorial on worn metal.


Great video! Thanks for sharing!

I’ve been using Army Painter “Dry Rust” and stippling it on over the metallic base coat. Still working on getting comfortable with how much and where to apply it. I’ll have to include some of the techniques shown to kick it up a notch.

There’s some of my examples.


used the tips to paint rusted metal on my raiders. here is a work in progress. sorry for the front picture I had to use the flash or it was two dark.

I used Vallejo Deep Orange, then Vallejo Dark Rust, then a wash with Agrax Earthshade, then I did a stipple of the Deep Orange again. Did metal chipping with Leadbelcher. It better than y other attempts so I am happy. Want it to be a little brighter though.!Akdv3wr7vKwcg5skjSxRijnvtkk2IQ?e=MzKSHO


That looks amazing. Some of the better rust I’ve seen done.

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Modiphius has 3 paint streams up on their you tube channel, parts 2 and 3 include rusting up a corvega

Very much liking that rust! :slight_smile:

I have a simple ‘light rust’ method I like to use, since I can never get drybrushing with Ryza Rust to look good. I start out with watered down layers of Screaming Bell > Brass Scorpion > Leadbelcher, making sure to leave the leadbelcher layer thin enough so that the copper-colored paints show up through it in certain spots. To finish, I top it all off with Agrax wash.