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[Homebrew] Welcome to The Dominion

Here is the Homebrew campaign I’ve been working on for the last week. Found out about the Fallout 2d20 system and instantly bough the CRB.

This is the South Eastern Region of Virginia around 2250. After FO2 and before FO3’s first project purity attempt. Encompassing Richmond to VA beach. Currently I am just building the overworld Map and the regional Lore\Mythos. I would welcome Ideas, thoughts or criticism on it as I build it.

Here is the Map with all the Markers and Names [this was built with Wonderdraft]

Edit: updated the map with better font (overseer by Pixel Sagas)

Here is the Pip-boy Display version with the locations undiscovered

This is the Link to the Overworld Lore - still WIP [and riddled with syntax and grammar issues]


Looks good, like the maps.

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I love your maps. What assets did you use to make them? I’m not familiar with wonderdraft. How steep of a learning curve is there to use it?

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I’d have to check again, but I believe just the basic assets - minus the Icons, I actually grabbed those from FO4 Icon Mod (Official Fallout 4 App Icons at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community) and added their raw .png files to wonderdraft.

As for the learning curve, fairly easy - but with a mastery Cap that im sure I will never reach. I like the Devs and the community is pretty good with content and asset support and availability. (

How does wonderdraft compare to mapforge? I’m on the fence on buying mapforge but I find it has a bit of a steep learning curve.

I have not used mapforge. But from the reviews and videos on it - they’re tools with different purposes.

Mapforge is more for battlemaps and seems more for people who want to quickly pump out a terrain without much thought or customization.

Wonderdraft is closer to to Inkarnate [] [there is free version of this] ( which i used heavily) and Campaign Cartographer [Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) RPG and fantasy map making software] (i also own this tool). It is pretty much like photoshop but for designing wolrd maps. It has a few robust built-in assets. But its true strenght is that it allows you to create and import your own and others assets (icons&symbols, land and map textures, fonts for labels and brush textures).

So far, for the 30$ asking price i found wonderdraft is worth it. Better than the inkarnate’s subscription cost. And Campaign cartographer is pricey (due to a lot of the features are additional packs\DLC), but i bought it for cheap in a humblebundle and honestly is my least favorite (higher learning curve, but mostly the same features).

Finally there is also it’s sister program (i also own this) called dungeondraft. ( which is their tool that has focus on making battle maps/building interiors. Its a pretty versatile tool in its own right and i’ve made a few battle maps for other games, that im fairly proud of.

Updated the terrain map with a new font - feels better.
Currently working on more local map for “The front”. Not sure if I’ll do two for all my local maps like the “overworld” or will just do the pip-boy-esce map.

The Front


Fun little Fact, I’ve been pulling these maps directly from snapshots of the google map location - for more authentic feel

I’ve also been working on implementing a Karma system that’s tied in with the Luck points:
Karma System (Fallout 2D20)

Players that enact a selfless task or action will be given good Karma, which gives a luck point.
Players can also use the optional Bad Karma System, which will result in the loss of a luck point

Good Karma (+1 luck point)
-The action the PC takes must have NET benefit the NPC(s)
-Actions that fall under “quid pro quo” do not constitute Good Karma
-Karma is a Universal Force that ignores time, social structures and player knowledge
-Overseer (GM) has the final say [duh.]

Bad Karma (-1 luck point) [Hard mode]
-The action taken intentionally by the PC has a negative NET benefit for the NPC(s)
-Overseer (GM) has the final say [duh.]

Neutral Karma (No status change)
-Any “quid pro quo” action
-Actions that result in unintentional harm / negative benefit
-Actions that are directly related to a quest/directive by another NPC(s)

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Love the maps. I like the colors on the front. I have bad eyesight and they look real nice.

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Not Much in the way with updates, been taking a breather (don’t want burn-out). been fiddling with the maps. Ganna run a play test for the scavenging mechanics.

Here’s the Pip-Boy Map for “the Front”

Still haven’t settled on the what the full colour pallet will be.

I dont think I will make many (maybe none) since the Scavaging system kind of bypasses the need for ecounter maps. Regardless here is a small encounter map. not really happy with it. there’s a bit of a clash with the assets - but w/e for now.

Still WIP - but usable - a little destroyed office

Also here is the breakdown of the Zones I would assign to the ecounter map. I’ve seen a few posts about how the system works, and I think most of us seasoned Overseers(DMs) [If the DM toolkit is not called something like “the Overseers Guide” or “G.E.C.K.” I will riot] realize the zone are purposely nebulous for Narrative purposes, but this should still give and idea of scale.

Done quickly on my phone - so its ugly


Like what you’re doing. Keep up the very fine work.

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As someone who is using Wonderdraft myself to make a Fallout map, I’d love to hear how you managed to turn the “overworld” maps into the Pip-Boy version! Any chance you could explain how you did it?

Hi PdoucheMannouch, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how the OP did it, but there’s a SITE where you can change the style of google maps and there are several Fallout styles.

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oh what the hell, @Mortagon . Now you mention this?!

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Sorry, it was shared on the discord a while ago, it never crossed my mind to share it here . :wink:

Yeah sure. I’ve been very much “eye-balling” it as I go along. but I can make a breakdown of how I’ve been doing it so far. I’ll have a little breakdown of my method of madness on the next post


Current Map Progress -

Welcome to the Settlement of “North Folk”

I was originally going to make a breakdown of my processing while creating this map…and I started doing so, but then I realized how much additional work would be required to make a full S.O.P. (standard of procedure) documentation. So then I decided I’d just record my self in the process, but of course I was already in the groove of making this map. So the Next map will be made as I record myself and will breakdown the process.

This may be one of my batter ones, As I put a lot more effort into the coast lines and water ways. In my own defense: I was trying to pop-out a map for my next playtest when I churned out “the front”. I will likely go back and remaster it as I standardize some of my methods. I am still very much learning all the things I can do with wonderdraft.


This is splendid, great work!

Vault 757. What’s the story behind this, I’m curious! There was supposedely only 122 vaults built in total! :open_mouth: