Partial Map for my West March Style Game

Just a small look at how I’m setting up the map for the large scale game we’ll be doing. Me and another GM will be able to access this and the players will not have an overhead map other than what they can piece together until much later in the game. Each Region has a level range and each location within a region will fall (roughly) within that range.

I’ve also got a 35 page (and growing) Campaign Guide in the works.


Very nice. What tool are you using in the screen shot?

That’s just basic google (well My Maps).

I didn’t know layers could be applied. very cool. might utilize.

Yeah. I started messing around with it for my Torg Eternity game to denote the different cosms and stela placements so when this came around it made sense.

My 2 cents: you can really jazz up My Maps with custom styles. is a good resource.

I used this for a MUTANT: YEAR ZERO game set in our hometown and it was super fun flavor.


That’s 100% my next step now! Thanks!

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Okay…apparently my next step is “how do I apply a style to the map”

Then the step after that is to do so :slight_smile:

so how do I apply a style to the map?

A couple of options!

Rebuild from scratch using this tool (probably not what you want):


I believe this works after the fact:


scroll down to “change map theme” here and follow the instructions:

Here’s my MUTANT: YEAR ZERO map, for what it’s worth (you can see how little we played), and here’s a friend’s Shadowrun map that’s denser but not quite as stylish.

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I’m such a doofus. There’s a freakin’ filter already out there on the netwebs.

I know I might sound like an old doofus, but I can’t understand how to makes maps with Google or this Snazzymaps you speak of. I need a solid tutorial.