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Straffar Gratan 39

Hello there!
I just began my first adventure for MC3 with the Straffar Gatan 39 and did some battle maps that I wish to put here in case someone finds them useful to print or in VTT : )


Great work !

By curiosity, what assets did you use for the bed, table etc. ?
Are those assests avaiable by default in Dungeon Fog?

Mordern assets are a bit hard to come by… (I personally use Dungeon Painter Studio for maps)

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Yes, I use the free assets on DungeonFog and a couple from the internet, but mainly for the floors&walls. Beds & Tables are included in the free version (there are a lot more and you can use but with a watermark. The only exception was the dirty mattress that comes through the internet : )

I tried several map makers and all have the same problem regarding modern maps, few to no assets, but I’ve found DungeonFog easy to learn (I use Mac, so not all map makers are available on my computer, and this is online, so was a perfect match)


I see, yeah, modern assets are really hard to find :frowning:

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