Help create an outside the box Warren

I am playing a Nos in an upcoming game and the ST is allowing players to help create the Warrens. The City has no Subway nor a large monolithic sewer system. What are some alternate ideas for a Nosferatu Warren.

One last note. No skyscrapers.

Any ideas?

Old abandoned factories, medical facilities.

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That’s doable for sure. Thanks

An old, shutdown, insane assylum with an evil history, considered haunted and therefore avoided by most locals.

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A rundown theatre, phantom of the opera style.


Without knowing the area and what it has to offer it is hard, you did provide some perimeters so here is my suggestions should you area have it. If your area has a history of mining or mines near by one could use the abandoned parts of the mines or abandoned mines as the warrens. If your area has a cave system you could use those as well.

Hoping those two suggestions help.

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I’d recommend looking at urban exploration websites and forums for the city you’ll be playing in. You’d be surprised what sorts of places are actually scattered about near most cities.

For instance, across most of Britain you can find Royal Observer Corps posts. They’re small underground bunkers that were meant for WW3. I could see Nos using them as a starting point and then digging down, especially as many have their hatches welded shut.

The other good option would be to really do a deep-dive on the history of your city. Again plenty of reasons historically to dig tunnels. Catacombs, siege tunnels, secret access between government buildings, war preparations, private security, etc.