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Advice for a new Game Master

I’ve recently bought the core book for Mutant. I’m looking to start a campaign with 6 players. Is there any advice or suggestions that anyone can provide?

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Do you plan to run it in “sandbox mode” and develop the Zone with your players or do you have a specific camapaign in mind?

Kind of both. I have a few ideas for things I’d like the group to find, but at the same time develop the Zone with them.

I have access to the 3 core books that are out now. So I was thinking of allowing a mixed Arc of both mutants and animals. Both groups joined together for mutual survival. I don’t think anyone would be interested in playing a robot, so if not I’ll toss in a NPC or two.

Sounds like a plan although it might be tricky mixing up all three. Player-driven rather than goal-driven is the way forward! Are you using your hometown or another city?

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I’m not sure how to handle the maps. I agree that putting all 3 books together does add a new level of difficulty to the game.

We will probably go with a single game and slowly integrate the other books.

Do you have any suggestions for the maps?

Aside from the ones already published - London and NYC, the ones from Tales from the Loop might be of interest. I live in Edinburgh so have converted that a few times - see also which was for Cthulhutech and was for the Dresden files RPG. Both might give you some ideas. ideally I’d leave a map for the characters to discover “Here be dragonz”, “Zone Ghouls ate Frank here”, “Esco - every little helps!”, “Wierd trees!” etc.

Which cities are in Tales from the Loop? I was toying with the idea of the game starting with a kind of “coming of age” ceremony. The group has to go out and search a predetermined number of zones, in a random direction, and bring back something of use for the Arc. I’ll have a couple preplanned encounters and a few random ones.

As for what they find, I was thinking of going with one of the zones created in the core book. Possibly the water purification plant.

Boulder City, Colorado and the Mälaröarna islands outside Stockholm (i think) - my book is in storage pending a house move.

Hello everybody,

maybe, I will run a Mutant Year Zero game for the first time too. Ive got the core book and Genlab Alpha, but ive just showen my group the core book and told them nothing about the other two books (the third one will i buy later), to play animal-mutants and robots or add them to the Arc to increase the population should be a suprise. But i have an issue with the artifacts. Is every artifact unique or does it exist more than ome time?

Should we play Mutant Year Zero, the players decided to live in the London Zone.

It depends on how you want to handle it. The intention may be that there is only supposed to be one of each, (because of there being only one of each artifact in the artifact card decks) but there’s nothing stopping you from including multiples if that’s how the dice fall, or if you want to place multiples.

Thanks for the Information Kobold, but i wouldn´t play Mutant Year Zero. One of my Player has a big iusse to get Mutations for her Character by Luck and not pick up by herself.