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The power of three....

Ok I’ve just picked up mechatron to complete all three rule books.

I’m slowly putting together a campaign where my playing group roll up one character from each book, a mutant, an animal and a robot.

Each group will start out in different locations, the arc will be in or around manchester, the valley will be in the mountains of Wales and the robot city off the cost of Ireland in the Irish sea.

Over time the groups will escape their surroundings and follow adventures that will eventually lead them to london.

Once there and when all three groups have met up the players will choose out of their three characters or government they have left to create a mixed group to explore London and maybe beyond

All this is very fluffy and up in the air at the moment but that’s the basic concept just wondered what people thought and give me any suggestions if you wanted :slight_smile:

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Wow, that’s a cool idea for a story-arc. How many sessions do you imagine each phase (Mutant / Animal / Robot) taking?

Not too sure…I have two setups in my head at the moment

  1. alternate sessions each week dealing with the story arc of each group.

  2. run each story arc to its conclusion before starting the next.

Either way I was looking at possibly four months for each group in play time this culminating in all three groups reaching Thier meeting in London at Christmas …the idea would be to kick it off next January to give me until December to sort things out.

So about a year in real time before kicking off a mixed group campaign the following new year

I think it sounds pretty cool. I don’t have the animal book but I wondered how they stacked up to mutant powers or robots in terms of compatibility and ability in combat. I understand the point isn’t to mix them, in your case, but that “question” has kept me from being all in on the animal material.

That sounds like a solid idea for a mega campaign. I’m a new game master with Mutant, so I can only imagine the work involved.

How would you start a campaign like this?