Generic Dog card

In the PDF and app there’s a generic dog card. The card list from the downloads page doesn’t list where that’s from as it came up on Reddit and people, including me, didn’t seam to have the card.

Is it digital only going forward? The position in the PDF makes it look like it was part of wave one but those sets are no longer included in the card list. Since it wasn’t reprinted in Wave 1 Essentials, if it was I lost my copy and Wave 1 Essentials is also no longer in the card list PDF, are there plans to release it elsewhere physically?

The Dog card was in the Heroes of Sanctuary Hills Expansion. The original card is out of print, but you can get the updated (NERFed) card in the Wave One Fundamentals Pack.


I’m unsure if the generic Dog was reprinted in the Wave 1 Fundamentals Pack. My research isn’t bringing that up.

I would assume the card is digital only for the time being.

As a rule, I tend to direct players towards the PDF Downloads of the card lists on the website as they tend to have erratas folded into them (as is the case here) and it is what we tend to use when devving the game.


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Thanks. This is what I was thinking too but I didn’t want to assume it was correct without asking here.

You are correct, I misremembered.