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Gathering of Infinity issues (If you have anything to add add it)

Using this post for all players and gm’s to add what issues they have found in the rulebook and other books. Please include book and page numbers so they can be easily found


Core Book: P423 Chimera Guessing Security 10 is a typo
Core Book: P439 Hexas Agent is listed as having Paired Bangle Tonfa with Parry 4 (1+1=2)

Combined Army: P87 Umbra Legate is listed as having Structure instead of Vigor, Same for Morat on P90

Combined Army: P102 Glider’s Weapons of Mass Destruction ability does nothing as written

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In Infinity RPG there is no clear statement about the limit of Standard Actions one can take.
The way the additional Standard Actions by spending an Infinity Point and 2 Momentum for a Swift Action are stated, one can get the impression that you can take up to three Standard Actions per character and round.

This was clarified in the old Modiphius forums on 6th Oct 2016 by @Modiphius-Nathan:

Can the extra standard action from momentum AND infinity points be stacked? (Multiple from infinity points is stated to be not allowed)

No. Maximum of two Standard Actions per character per round - the one you get normally, plus one additional one purchased with Infinity points or Momentum.

I think this should be included in the errata, as the limit of two Standard Actions is clearly stated in all other 2d20 rules (MC3, Conan, etc.).


Nebula of Mirrors - Pregens

The Yu Jing TAG Pilot has the same equipment listed as the Military Order Operator.
That must be a copy&paste error, as in the stat block the values don’t match at all for the Yu Jing TAG Pilot and this list of equipment.

Medium Combat Armour, Armoured Clothing, Pistol, High-Quality Clothing, Geist
Upgrade (+2 to Education), Breaker Pistol, 2 Heavy Reloads (Needle)

This error is in the Backerkit download as well as in the recent DTRPG download, so not corrected yet.