Gaming Session 2 & 3

This is a good point. I imagine that the hardest part is going to be finding something like that.

I’m thinking, look at kids party favors, or even small animal toys where you could easily remove the legs. A little rocket would be awesome though.

Yes I got one of each. I’ll probably do about what you did. With mainly focusing on the details while leaving the body for drybrush and done.

Were I more ambitious or skilled I might try to take advantage of it being hollow.

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What about using the external fue tank / AA missile of a fighter jet model?

Like from a model airplane? That’s not a bad idea for someone who would have one.

GateKeeper, this is a great thread to read and you have an awesome gaming setup! I aspire to make my table look like yours.

I’m about to start a 2-player coop narrative campaign against the AI and thought I might pick your brain with how the point values are working out. Do you feel that giving the AI the same amount of points as the 2-player team is too easy for the player side? If so, have you settled on a fair increase for the AI? It seems like you’ve looked at a 25% increase, but in a staggered deployment so that the player side doesn’t have to deal with every AI unit at once.


Glad you like it. It’s really nice gaming with someone else who had a lot of stuff, it gives us all kinds of great terrain to work with. I tend to have a lot of stuff since I am typically the one who has to provide all of the materials for our games, but Rob has a lot of amazing stuff so it’s a ton of fun to see what they bring to put on the table.

I’ve been building up my terrain for close to 20 years now (A lot of it is fantasy, but there’s a bit of newer stuff I’ve been adding lately.) Check out TTCombat, they’re very fairly priced for both the buildings and the resin kits. Also, watch your local discount stores and second hand stores, you’d be surprised at the kinds of things you find. And for what it’s worth, when I first started doing miniatures games, I was putting coffee cups and staplers on the table as makeshift terrain. Add a little bit at a time and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your table will come together.

We’ve played against the AI enough times that I can honestly say that it seems pretty well balanced. We’ve won almost every game against the AI, but a lot of those games are really close. With 500-800 point games, I fully expect that a 5% increase in AI would have us loosing more than winning.

The big increase with the Feral Ghouls was largely because we were fighting 1-4 at a time, so we were able to focus our fire on a few of them rather than handle a massive rush of them. If you look at the Ghoul chart we used, we were actively moving so that we would only trigger one or two places at a time instead of dealing with everything at once.

If it was me, I think if you split the enemy force in half and did a staggered deployment, you could probably do a 10% increase to balance it, but I’d have to play test a bit to be sure. Maybe adding another 5% for every additional group? For example, our Ferals came at us over the course of about ten waves, USUALLY one or two at a time.


Additionally, as for our activations, we gave the AI initiative when it entered the table. We figured we knew it was coming, so we were able to plan for it, in exchange we let the AI move as soon as it entered the table.

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Interesting insight. I would have thought that the player team’s greater ability to focus fire compared to the AI would give the player team a decisive advantage. But perhaps I’m not giving the AI cards enough credit. I suppose I’ll try out a couple of games with even points on each side and report back on how that “feels” as far as difficulty goes.

Your approach to having newly-revealed AI units have initiative is smart - the player side has the advantage of having some idea (if not precisely) that it’s coming, so this is a good compromise.


It could be the enemies we were encountering too. Ghouls have a good movement rate, so we’d trigger, and when they got to go first, they could close the distance and attack right away. That may have played into how it all played out too. With a longer range allowing for more reaction time could very easily affect things as well.

If I had time to play a few games, what I would do is throw together forces about half the size of what you’re planning for your big game. Then tack an extra 5% force size to each of your AI groups. Play a quick game and if it feels too easy, play it a second time with an additional 10% to see if that’s closer. I probably won’t have time to do any play testing until next week, so I’d love to hear how your own testing works out.

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